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    The Best 126 Children's Praise Songs That We Used To Sing - How Many Do You Remember?

    The theology may be dodgy but these songs were fun to sing!

    Songs from church, Sunday School or cassette tapes:

    • All of my heart, all of my soul, all of my mind, all of my strength

    • Amen Praise the Lord - Psalty and Ernie Rettino

    • Be bold! Be strong! - M. Chapman, A.Silver

    • Behold, what manner of love - Patricia van Tine

    • Come listen to my tale of Jonah and the whale - Phil Burt

    • Daniel was a man of prayer - Phil Burt

    • Deep and wide - S.E.Cox, A.Silver

    • Father Abraham had many sons - Trad.

    • Father I place into your hands - Jenny Hewer

    • Father, we adore you - Terry Coelho

    • For God so loved the world (L is for the love that he has for me, I am the reason he died on a tree, F is for forgiveness and now I am free, E is to enjoy being in his company) - John Hardwick

    • From the rising of the sun - Paul S Deming

    • Get up, out of bed, have a yawn and scratch your head and say thank you, it's a brand new day - Chris Powell, Kevin Wood

    • God's not dead, (no!), he is alive - Anon

    • God's wisdom (For the foolishness of God is wiser than man's wisdom) - David Mudie, Paul Crouch

    • Heaven is a wonderful place - Psalty and Ernie Rettino

    • His banner over me is love (He brought me to his banqueting table) - Kevin Prosch?

    • Hosanna, hosanna - Carl Tuttle

    • How did Moses cross the Red Sea? - Hugh Mitchell, Phil Burt

    • If I were a butterfly - Brian Howard

    • I love you, Lord - Laurie Klein

    • I'm in the Lord's army (yes sir!)

    • I'm special - Graham Kendrick

    • I reach up high, touch the ground, stamp my feet and I turn around, I've got to whoo! whoo! praise the Lord - Judy Bailey

    • I will make you fishers of men - Harry D. Clarke

    • Jesus bids us shine - Susan Warner, Edwin Othello Excell

    • Jesus is greater than the greatest heroes - Gillian E. Hutchinson

    • Jesus' love is very wonderful - H.W.Rattle, Phil Burt

    • Jesus name above all names - Naida Hearn

    • Jesus put this song into our hearts - Graham Kendrick

    • 1 John 4 verse 7 & 8 - Psalty, Ernie Rettino

    • Joshua fought the battle of Jericho

    • Joy is the flag flown high - E J Hume

    • Lord we lift your name on high - Rick Founds

    • My God is so big - Phil Burt

    • Only a boy called David - J.H.Stringer

    • Peter and John went to pray - Betty Pulkingham

    • Praise him on the trumpet - John Kennett

    • Praise ye the lord! (Alleluia!) - Trad.

    • Seek ye first the Kingdom of God - Karen Lafferty, Roland Fudge

    • Shine, Jesus, Shine - Graham Kendrick

    • Stand up! - Psalty, Ernie Rettino

    • The joy of the Lord is my strength - A.Vale, N.Warren

    • The name of the Lord is a strong tower (Blessed be the name of the Lord) - Clinton Utterbach

    • The wise man built his house upon the rock - Phil Burt

    • This is the day - Les Garrett, Roland Fudge

    • This little light of mine

    (the version that includes these lyrics:

    On a Monday, he gave me the gift of love

    On a Tuesday, his peace came down from above

    On a Wednesday, he told me just what to say

    On a Thursday, he taught me just how to pray

    On a Friday, he gave me a little more faith

    On a Saturday, he gave me a lot more grace

    On a Sunday, he gave me the power divine

    to let my little light shine)

    • We want to see Jesus lifted high - Doug Horley

    • Who made the twinkling stars, the twinkling stars, the twinkling stars?

    • Who's the king of the jungle? - Annie Bush, Andy Silver

    • With Jesus in the boat - Phil Burt

    • You shall go out with joy - S.Dauermann, S.Rubin

    'Come and praise' songs from school assemblies:

    • A Man For All The People - There's a man in the street, gives joy to all he meets...

    • All The Animals that I have ever seen, big ones, little ones and others in-between, four legs, two legs, some no legs at all. I like them all.

    • As I Went Riding By, I saw a star in the sky, I followed where it led, something something manger bed. Little Jesus show us the way to your love, little Jesus show us the way to your love

    • Autumn Days when the grass is jewelled etc.

    • Black And White - The ink is black, the page is white, together we learn to read and write to read and write

    • Break Out (You Can Build A Wall around you) Break out! Reach out! Make the walls tumble down down down. Break out! Reach out! Make the walls tumble down.

    • Candle in the window

    • Cross Over The Road - Would you walk by on the other side if someone called for aid? Would you walk by on the other side or would you be afraid? Cross over the road, my friend, thank the Lord his strength to send, his compassion has no end, cross over the road

    • Down by the riverside

    • From The Darkness Came Light, from the blackest of nights, wait for the morning, the sunlight, the dawning, from the darkness came light. Earth so dark and so cold, what great secrets you hold, wait for the spring, the wonders you bring, the beauty of nature unfolds

    • From The Tiny Ant (from the tiny ant) To the elephant (to the elephant) etc. then.. Care for them it's up to you, care for them it's up to you, no-one else will care for them, it's up it's up it's up to you

    • Give Me Oil In My Lamp

    • Give Us Hope Lord

    • Go, Tell It On The Mountain, over the hills and everywhere...

    • God Knows Me

    • Guess How I Feel, sometimes, nothing is real, sometimes, everything's something in dreams, we've all become strange machines. But then I... look in the sky, tell all the clouds to pass on by. The sun will be there even if you don't see it, always be there, I can guarantee it

    • He Made Me

    • He Who Would Valiant Be

    • Heavenly Father, may thy blessing, rest upon thy children now

    • He's Got The Whole World In His Hands

    • I Want To See Your Baby Boy (but have no gift for you)

    • I'm Going To Paint a perfect picture, a world of make-believe, no more hunger, war or suffering, a world I'd like to see. The blackbird sings in the hedgerow, the white owl sleeps in the barn, the brown geese fly a group in the sky, the yellow chick pecks the corn.

    • It's A New Day, there is hope etc. guide our footsteps on the way...

    • I've Got Peace Like A River

    • Join With Us To Sing God's Praises for his love and for his care, for the happiness he gives us, praise him for the world we share

    • Judas And Mary (Said Judas to Mary "now what should we do, with your ointment so rich and so rare?" -"We'll pour it all over the feet of our Lord and I'll wipe it away with my hair" she said "and I'll wipe it away with my hair")

    • Lay My White Cloak on the ground, Spring isn't coming, Spring isn't coming

    • Light Up The Fire, and let the flame burn, open the door, let Jesus return, out through the door and into the street and share the message with the people we meet

    • Lord Of The Dance

    • Make me a channel of your peace

    • Mary Had A Baby (yes, Lord)

    • Michaelmas Daisies purple in the border, something something standing up in order, big fat peaches(?) on the apple tree (?!) da da da da dadadeedee dee

    • O Lord All The World Belongs To You and you are always making all things new. What is wrong, you forgive, and the new life you give, is what's turning the world upside down

    • One More Step along the world I go

    • Praise Him - praise him, praise in the morning praise him in the noon-time, praise him, praise him, praise him when the sun goes down

    • Spirit Of God, as strong as the wind, gentle as is the dove

    • Thank You Lord for this new day

    • The Bell Of Creation - swing bell over the land, swing bell under the sea, the bell of creation is swinging forever and all of the while it is swinging in me

    • The Best Gift - I will bring to you, the best gift I can offer, I will sing to you, the best things in my mind. Paper pictures, bits of string, I'll bring you almost anything, I'll sing you songs that only I can sing

    • The Building Song - everybody's building, everybody's building, everybody's building day by day, everybody's building, everybody's building, everybody's building in a diiiifferent way. And slowly slowly, somewhere, somebody's houuuuse is made

    • The Family Of Man (keeps growing)

    • The Journey Of Life may be easy, may be hard, there'll be dangers on the way. But with Christ by my side I'll do battle as I ride, 'gainst the foes that would lead me astray. Will you ride ride ride with the king of kings? Will you follow my leader true? Will you shout Hosanna to the holy son of God, who died for me and you

    • The Virgin Mary had a baby boy, the Virgin Mary had a baby boy, the Virgin Mary had a baby boy and they said that his name was Jesus. He come from da glory, he come from da glorious kingdom. Oh yes, believer! Oh yes, believer! He come from da glory, he come from da glorious kingdom.

    • Think Of A World Without Any Flowers, think of a world without any trees, think of a world without any sunshine, think of a world without any bees... Think of a world without any people, nobody to love and nobody to care. We thank you lord for all your living creatures, we thank you lord and praise your holy name

    • To Ev'rything, Turn, turn, turn, there is a season, turn turn turn, and a time for every purpose under heaven. A time to...etc

    • Water Of Life (Jesus gives us the water of life) - Have you heard the raindrops drumming on the rooftops? Have you heard the raindrops beating on the ground?

    • Waves Are Beating on the shore - boats are bobbing up and down, safe in harbour now, gulls are flying, wheeling high, sailors coming home

    • We Are Climbing, climbing, Jesus' ladder ladder

    • When A Knight Won His Spurs

    • When God Made The Garden Of Creation

    • When I Needed A Neighbour

    • When Your Father Made The World, before that world was old, in his eyes what he had made was lovely to behold. Help your people to care for your world. The world is a garden you made, and you are the one who planted the trees, the world is a garden you made, and you are the one who something something something

    • Who Put Colours In The Rainbow? Who put salt into the sea? etc. Later... Who made whales and quails and snails, who made frogs and dogs and hogs, who made cats and rats and bats, who made everything?

    • You've Got To Move when the spirit says move, you've got to move when the spirit says move, 'cause when the spirit says move, you've got to move with the spirit, move when the spirit says move

    Ishmael songs:

    • Blessed be the king who comes

    • Father God, I wonder

    • When God sends rain

    • Jesus said let the little children

    • We are the Glorie Company

    • G-L-O-R-I-E

    • Let's sing to the Lord (Children let's praise him)

    • We'll sing a song to Jesus

    • When Jesus was a little child

    • In the 16th verse of chapter 3

    • I once was frightened of spiders

    • Children obey your parents

    • Thank you Lord for the food that's before me

    • My life is like a little candle

    • To the pure all things are pure

    • There's nothing I like better than to praise

    • But if we walk in the light

    • Oh Lord (you're the very best person)

    • I will sing to the Lord

    • If you're feeling lost remember

    • You never put a light under a dirty old bucket

    • For all have sinned

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