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    Best Crisps Of The 90s

    You were lucky if you got any of these crisps in your lunchbox!

    Monster Munch - beef burger/roast beef

    Nik Naks - Nice 'n' Spicy, Rib 'n' Saucy

    Chipsticks - salt and vinegar

    Wheat crunchies - crispy bacon

    Quavers - cheese

    Wotsits - cheesy

    Skips - Prawn Cocktail

    Frazzles - Crispy Bacon


    Pom-bear - original

    Discos - salt and vinegar

    Mini Cheddars

    Squares - salt & vinegar

    Hula Hoops - beef

    Walkers - roast chicken

    Walkers - smoky bacon

    McCoy's - ridge cut flame grilled steak

    Pringles - salt and vinegar

    French fries - salt and vinegar


    Space Raiders

    Smiths Salt 'n' shake crisps

    Burton's fish 'n' chips crisps - salt and vinegar

    Doritos - original

    Brannigans - Roast beef and mustard

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