StonerNation is about bringing cannabis culture mainstream. As each state continues to legalize for medical use, decriminalize, and in the case of CO and WA making it legal for all adults StonerNation wants to educate and entertain the newbie to...
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  • Business Symposium To Focus On Legalization Of Medical Marijuana

    Coming up in two weeks in downtown Chicago, an underground industry will step into the spotlight, at a symposium on marijuana growing. WBBM Newsradio’s John Cody reports the National Cannabis Industry Association, or NCIA, foresees 1,000 jobs will be generated due to the legalization of medical marijuana in Illinois. “There are cultivation facilities, of which there will be 22 in Illinois; the dispensary facilities, of which there will be 60 in Illinois; and the people who make the infused products – things like lotions and lozenges, so that people who might not necessarily want to inhale marijuana through smoking or vaporizing will have other ways to consume it,” said NCIA deputy director Betty Aldworth. StonerNation Follow us on Twitter @stonernationcom

  • CNN’s Sanjay Gupta Talks ‘Weed’ And His Evolving View Of Medical Marijuana

    Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s views on medical marijuana are evolving. In a candid admission, CNN’s chief medical correspondent wrote an op-ed this week, “Why I Changed My Mind on Weed,” explaining that he reevaluated his stance on the use of marijuana in certain medical treatments. It’s Official: CNN Bringing Back ‘Crossfire’ This Fall Timed three days before his CNN-financed feature doc, Weed, debuts Sunday night, he made headlines for his reversal of opinion. Appearing on the network’s Piers Morgan Tonight, both Gupta and Piers Morgan discussed the issue, each noting that they had tried marijuana a long time ago and didn’t particularly care for it. The doc wades into the potential benefits and risks of the drug, with the CNN correspondent traveling to Colorado as well as locations in Israel where medical marijuana research is being conducted. “Dating back to the times of Reefer Madness back in the mid-’30s, there’s been a persistent stigma attached to it,” Gupta said. “And it’s been something that’s really stuck in the United States, more so than in many other countries.” In Gupta’s op-ed, he points out that the majority of research done on medical marijuana specifically investigates the potential harms of the drug and not the benefits. The correspondent explains to THR that bureaucratic roadblocks have hindered researchers who set out to look at the positive effects of marijuana users. “You have a few bureaucratic hurdles to get through, the last of which is an organization [the National Institute on Drug Abuse] whose core mission is to study abuse. It starts to make it a very difficult thing to study benefit in this country,” Gupta said. Weed continues the network’s strategy of airing more documentaries and programming outside of its politics and news headlines roots. In June, the first episode of CNN’s Inside Man, starring Morgan Spurlock as host, featured the Super Size Me filmmaker working at a medical marijuana dispensary. StonerNation Follow us on Twitter @stonernationcom

  • Without Weed, ‘I’d Be Dead Now’

    Stricken with cerebral palsy after almost being strangled in the womb by his umbilical cord, the 41-year-old Valley Village resident takes a few puffs of medical marijuana and immediately feels relief. “Weed works,” he says simply. The “Diablo Kush” and “Velvet Kush” strains from Reseda Discount Caregivers dispensary relax his stiffly contorted muscles and stave off the severe depression that prompted him to make several suicide attempts over the years, including cutting his wrists and injecting Drano and Raid into his veins. The hunched figure eventually stands up straight and takes a few steps without a cane — all while cracking jokes — showing a glimpse of the bodybuilder and standup comic he used to be. These days in California medical marijuana patients like Zee can more or less openly take their “medication.” But of course it wasn’t always so. A century ago this year was when California first banned marijuana. In fact, weed historian and legalization advocate Dale Gieringer pinpoints the key date to Aug. 10, 1913, when a new regulation quietly took effect from the state Board of Pharmacy that added “locoweed” to the state Poison Act. StonerNation Follow us on Twitter @stonernationcom

  • Facebook User Offers Marijuana For Sale On Page For Minesotta Residents

    Bemidji police are investigating after someone posted a Facebook ad for marijuana. A Bemidji Pioneer report ( ) says someone offered, “WEED FOR SALE!!!” on a page called “Bemidji Area Online Sale.” The page allows people to advertise items such as cars, tools, baby clothes and electronics. The controversial post shows a photo of a dozen glass jars containing what looks like marijuana. The poster said he’d be in a Target parking lot in a black and silver Ford Taurus for anyone who wanted to buy. Two Beltrami County deputies went to the parking lot but didn’t find the car. The Facebook page was set up by Shawn Williams. He says page members were angry that he allowed the post, but police wanted it left up so they could track the poster. StonerNation Follow us on Twitter @stonernationcom

  • Robin Thicke: ‘I’ve Spent $500,000 On Marijuana’

    Singer Robin Thicke is convinced he has spent more than $500,000 on marijuana. The pop star, who was arrested in New York City on a pot possession charge last year, has revealed his habit has cost him a fortune, and he has been trying to give it up. He tells Britain’s The Sun, “I do smoke. I do everything I’m not supposed to do. Weed is my crutch, my muse, the lesser of all evil. I’ve spent a good $500,000 on pot. I’ve tried to quit smoking. I’ve quit everything once. My buddy runs a store, I can get medical marijuana. When I’m at home, I’m a non-stop chimney.” The “Blurred Lines” singer was detained by police last year when he was spotted smoking what appeared to be a joint while sitting in a car in Manhattan. StonerNation

  • Rihanna Wears Jeweled Bikini, Smokes Blunt And Boozes At Barbados Festival

    Bikinis, booze and blunts — it’s all in a day for Rihanna. The singer wrapped a wild weekend celebrating her native Barbardos at its annual Crop Over festival with one final hurrah on Monday. Barely covered up in a jeweled bikini costume, Rihanna took to the streets of the island’s capital Bridgetown for the traditional Grand Kadooment Day, Barbardos’ version of Carnival where bands bump Barbadian rhythms and fireworks light up the sky. After making the pilgrimage back to her homeland for Crop Over on Friday, Rihanna wasted no time, diving into festivities with the Foreday Morning Jam event, where she partied with her gal pals until the wee hours of Saturday morning. Wearing a white monokini with silver panels, Rihanna twerked in the streets, tossed back drinks and lit up some Mary Jane — all caught on camera by her friend. StonerNation

  • Miley Cyrus Reveals Name Change Wish In Racy Feature

    Miley Cyrus says she considered dropping her surname before deciding it was too powerful. The singer-and-actress recently released the first single from her upcoming fourth record, We Can’t Stop. It has been a smash hit, with the promo receiving over ten million views on VEVO within 24 hours of it being posted. Cyrus, who is engaged to Australian star Liam Hemsworth, is proud of her huge success, especially as she knows people all over the world are now familiar with her. “I was thinking about dropping the Cyrus and just being Miley, but there’s something powerful about the fact that my name now is like a household name,” she told Notion magazine. “I’m living it to the fullest. Rather than taking a blessing and making it a curse, it’s just like this is what this name is now.” StonerNation

  • Ted Nugent: ‘Dope-smoking Gangsta Wannabe’ Trayvon Martin ‘got Justice’

    Rocker-turned-conservative commentator Ted Nugent is continuing to push his assertion that last month’s “not guilty” verdict in the George Zimmerman murder trial was the correct one, and that Zimmerman is still a victim in the wake of Trayvon Martin’s death. In an interview that aired on Saturday with Joe Pags on the syndicated program “The Weekend” (follow on Twitter here and “Like” on Facebook here), Nugent caught the attention of some left-wing storefronts when he made the suggestion in their view that Martin had gotten what he deserved. Nugent was responding to planned protests over his stance on the verdict before a concert scheduled for Tuesday at New Haven, Conn. He said his views of the incident are backed by a police investigation and a jury. “I’m merely repeating the conclusion of the hugest investigative armt in the history of the court system,” Nugent said. “Both the FBI and the Department of Justice and the entire Florida investigative resources were brought to the maximum effect and efficiency when they concluded what the jury concluded: that George Zimmerman defended himself against a vicious life-threatening attack by a — I use the terms that came from the forensic evidence, ‘a dope-smoking gangsta wannabe.’” “I mean, everybody knows it’s true,” he continued. “And ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, you might want to write this down — Trayvon got justice. George Zimmerman got a sliver of justice, even though he was bankrupted and now he’s being targeted by what appears to be Barack Obama and Eric Holder’s best friends, the Black Panthers. I mean, stop and think for a minute, Joe. The president of the United States and the top law enforcement official of the United States of America sides with the Black Panthers? Are you kidding me?” Nugent said he and his family had received numerous death threats for his controversial opinions, and he challenged those issuing those threats to check his itinerary on his website, StonerNation

  • Processing Marijuana With Butane Sparked Fire That Destroyed Home

    Authorities say a flash fire that destroyed a mobile home on July 10 in Ypsilanti Township was ignited by a buildup of butane used to process marijuana. The fire was the second in three days believed to be related to the use of butane for marijuana processing. The fire broke out around 2 a.m. July 10 in the 9000 block of Joan Circle in the Lakeview mobile home park. Flames were shooting from the trailer when firefighters arrived. The residents had fled. Ypsilanti Township Fire Chief Eric Copeland said a man at the home was cooking marijuana into hash oil with a torch on a skillet in an enclosed area. Copeland said the gas is heavier than air and builds up just above the floor, so it can easily ignite. According to a fire inspection report by Fire Marshal Vic Chevrette, the man who ignited the fire initially declined to tell authorities what happened because of the presence of Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department deputies. Once officials told him that an explanation was for the safety of firefighters still on the scene, the man asked to speak to firefighters in private, the report stated. “While attempting to make hash oil from marijuana plant products, he was using butane as part of the process,” Chevrette wrote. “He was using a steel water bottle to heat up the product over the stove and a flash fire occurred.” StonerNation

  • Father Arrested After Marijuana Grow Discovered In Home With Children

    Sacramento police discovered two young children living in a home with a marijuana grow, guns and ammunition. The children’s father was arrested and is several facing including child endangerment. Police say Felix Duong is behind the elaborate marijuana grow inside his home in the 5700 block of Muskingham Way. A tip led police to the home, where they found the 3- and 5-year-old children.

  • Woman Tries To Eat Marijuana, Meth Hidden In Vagina

    Deputies say while a woman was being searched, she tried to grab and eat a gram each of marijuana and meth that she had hidden in her vagina on Thursday night. 28-year-old Desiree Romero and 26-year-old Thomas Duke were taken into custody after a deputy saw marijuana bundles in the back of the van they were driving in. According to the deputy, a large sign was in the back window attempting to hide the bundles. The deputy says both Duke and Romero appeared nervous and claimed to not know each other while stopped off I-10, in the middle of Casa Grande and Picacho. 14 bundles of marijuana weighing 340 pounds, with a street value of $272,000, were found inside the van. Deputies say Romero also had a vial of meth and a pipe in her purse. Both Duke and Desiree were searched and asked if they had any drugs on their person before being transported to jail. They said they had none. While Romero was searched again at the jail, deputies say she tried to grab and eat a gram each of marijuana and meth, which were hidden in her vagina. Detention officers were able to get the drugs out of her mouth before the evidence was destroyed. Duke is on parole for forgery, identity theft and other prior criminal offenses. He was charged with possession of marijuana for sale, transportation of marijuana and possession of marijuana. Romero was charged with possession of marijuana for sale, transportation of marijuana, possession of marijuana, possession of a dangerous drug, possession of drug paraphernalia and promoting prison contraband. StonerNation @stonernationcom

  • Illinois Officially Legalizes Medical Marijuana As Governor Signs Bill

    Over two months after Illinois’ Senate voted yes on medical marijuana, Governor Pat Quinn has finally signed off, making Illinois “officially” the United States’ 20th medical marijuana state. If you count Washington, D.C., that makes 21, and the country edges closer to the perhaps mythical “Tipping Point” (at least with BHO in office). Here’s the full scoop, courtesy of our friends at MPP: Illinois has now joined 19 other states that have effective medical marijuana laws benefitting seriously ill patients. On Thursday, August 1, Gov. Pat Quinn signed “The Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act,” which will provide much-needed relief to patients in the state. The bill’s primary sponsor in the general assembly, Rep. Lou Lang, told the Chicago Tribune, “Our goal from the beginning was to provide a better quality of life for some very sick people in Illinois.” He indicated that with the governor’s signature, “it’ll be a signal to many people that the state of Illinois still has a good deal of compassion, a good deal of concern for those of us, under a doctor’s care, who wish to try a new type of therapy … to simply feel better.” StonerNation @stonernationcom

  • Forgotten In Jail For 5 Days: San Diego College Student Receives $4.1 Million From The DEA

    Part-time San Diego college student… and now thanks to the DEA – full-time millionaire – Daniel Chong has agreed to accept a cash settlement of $4.1 million. Daniels cash award is a punitive slap in the face of the San Diego contingency of the Drug Enforcement Agency after Daniel was arrested on 4.20.2012 in a DEA drug raid, then forgotten in a cell for five days – with no water or food. Chong attorney Eugene Iredale announced Tuesday that he reached a settlement with the Justice Department. He didn’t even to file a lawsuit. Chong’s not-so-excellent adventure began on the night of April 20, 2012, when the engineering student went to a friend’s house in University City to celebrate the pot-smokers’ holiday. He was unaware that the house had been under surveillance by a federal drug task force, and had slept over when DEA agents raided the place early the next morning. Agents found 18,000 ecstasy tablets, as well as marijuana and several weapons in the home. They also found Chong sleeping on the living room couch. DEA agents transported Chong and six other people in the house to the DEA’s San Diego office for follow-up questioning. After questioning, DEA agents decided against charging him and said they would release him. But instead, he was returned to a temporary holding cell—and forgotten. Chong spent the next four days in the cell without food or water. He said he resorted to drinking his own urine, became delirious, and broke his glasses, using shards from them to cut the message “Sorry, mom” in his own forearm. StonerNation @stonernationcom

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