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23 Things People Who Hate Being Interviewed Understand

Job interview? More like interrogation.

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1. You know you have an early morning interview.

2. So you try to prepare for your interview the day before.

Yeah, nope, not happening.

3. Before you step into your interview you're like:

4. You try to act confident in your interview.

5. But really you're like:

6. Typical interviews consist of.

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7. "What is your greatest weakness?"

Showtime / Via

Will you still hire me if I answer truthfully??

8. "Tell me about yourself."

CBS/ / Via

I'm an introverted, TV addict hermit.

9. "Describe yourself in three words."

The worst question ever.

10. "Do you have any past experience?"

11. "Why should we hire you?"

Universal Pictures / Via

12. "What can you bring to our company?"

Fox / Via


13. "Do you have any examples of your work with you?"

Fox / Via

Uh, no...

14. "Do you have any questions for us?"

Channel 4 / Via

15. Then comes the awkward moments of the interview.

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16. You say something stupid in the interview.

Nickelodeon / Via

God, just kill me now...

17. The awkward moments of silence between you and your interviewer.

Comedy Central / Via

So, do I talk or do you?

18. The uncomfortable eye contact with your interviewer.


This is uncomfortable.

19. Then when the interview comes to a close you don't know whether it's finished or not.

20. The worst is when you find out someone less qualified got the job.

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I see how it is...

21. You get the rejection call.

22. At the end of the interview you're like:

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23. Then you go home and cringe as you replay the interview in your head.


Screw you, repressed memories! *Cringe*

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