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21 Things Pets Taught Their Owners


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1. That Pets Like to Help Clean, too.

How to pre-rinse #ThingsMyPetTaughtMe

2. That Pets can't feed themselves.

Food will not serve itself #ThingsMyPetTaughtMe

3. That Cat Fur is Everything!

Cat fur enhances everything. #ThingsMyPetTaughtMe

4. That it's impossible to say, "No."

It's impossible to say no to these faces. #ThingsMyPetTaughtMe

5. That They've Got Your Back.

he's in the loop, man #ThingsMyPetTaughtMe

6. That there is no such thing as a snooze button.

There is no snooze button #ThingsMyPetTaughtMe

7. That Dogs Hate Bills as Much as You Do.

#ThingsMyPetTaughtMe That dogs hate the bills that come through your mailbox just as much as you do.

8. That Unconditional Love is Real.

That there is such a thing as unconditional love #ThingsMyPetTaughtMe

9. That Staring Can Benefit Being Fed.

#ThingsMyPetTaughtMe If you stare at someone long enough when they're eating they'll cave and feed you.

10. That Resting Bitch Face is in.

Resting b*tch face is so hot right now #ThingsMyPetTaughtMe

11. That You Should Never Leave Your Food Unattended.

Don't leave food unattended. #ThingsMyPetTaughtMe

12. That you should always be paranoid.

#ThingsMyPetTaughtMe To be afraid and always looking over my shoulder @HashtagGiants

13. That Complaining Leads to Reward.

#ThingsMyPetTaughtMe If you complain loudly and long enough, someone will bring you food.

14. That They Can Pull Off Human Fashion.

#ThingsMyPetTaughtMe some people were not meant to wear hats

15. That Good Things do Come in Small Packages.

Amazing things come in small packages! My Lily peaked at 4lbs and she is the love of my life! #ThingsMyPetTaughtMe

16. That They Can Cruise in Style.

#ThingsMyPetTaughtMe They can drive to the liquor store in a pinch

17. That They Can Give One Mean Side Eye.

18. That at Times They Can Get What They Want.

#ThingsMyPetTaughtMe if I bark loud enough I can have anything I want 🍕🍔🍗🍟🍩🍭

19. That Buttholes Equate Love.

A butthole in the face means "I love you" #ThingsMyPetTaughtMe

20. That They Know How To Take Great Selfies.

21. That They're Inconsiderate But We Still Love Them.

#ThingsMyPetTaughtMe every part of my body will be walked on at any time, but mostly while I'm trying to sleep

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