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    19 Things People Who Were Adopted Are Tired Of Hearing

    "Do you want to find your 'real' parents?"

    1. "So, you're adopted?"

    ABC / Via

    Yeah, I am.

    2. "For real?!"

    Universal Studios / Via

    Yes, for fuck's sake.

    3. "Why don't you look like your parents?"

    giphy / Via

    Because I'm adopted..? Yes, even after explaining that I was adopted I still get this question. *facepalm*

    4. "Does it make you sad knowing you were adopted?"

    AMC / Via

    Not really.

    5. "Do you miss your real parents?"

    giphy / Via

    My adoptive parents are my parents.

    6. "Do you want to find your real parents?"

    DreamWorks Pictures / Via


    7. "Do you speak [insert language here]?"

    E! / Via

    No, that knowledge is not innate.

    8. "You're normal for an adopted kid."

    Netflix / Via

    How am I supposed to respond to that?

    9. "Was it sad for you growing up?"

    BBC / Via

    If by sad, you mean growing up in a loving household and always having food on the table, then yes, it was very sad.

    10. "So, your real parents didn't want you?"

    TBS / Via

    Next question.

    11. "You don't look like someone who was adopted."

    It'sKingsleyBitch / Via

    I can't even right now...

    12. "Why don't you want to meet your biological parents?"

    TBS / Via

    Awkward much?

    13. "Why were you given up for adoption?"

    Youtube/Kids React / Via

    Why were you born?

    14. In regards to your sibling: "Is this your friend, roommate, or significant other?"

    Disney / Via

    We're related...

    15. "Do you get these questions a lot?"

    giphy / Via


    16. "You were adopted? Oh my god, I'm so sorry."

    giphy / Via

    Why are you apologizing? For your ignorance?

    17. "How come you don't look [insert ethnicity]?"

    giphy / Via

    18. "Why don't you embrace your own culture?"

    giphy / Via

    Who says I don't?

    19. "You are so lucky. You could've been aborted!"

    FOX / Via
    HBO / Via
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