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15 Times Niles Was Savage AF On "The Nanny"

"Oh, did someone leave a big rock on your coffin again?"

1. When he stopped Cece from taking his job:

CBS / Via

2. When he announced what the rest of the world was thinking:

3. When he came up with an excellent theory on Cece's absence:

4. When he showed off his flirtatious side:

CBS / Via

5. When he couldn't help but squeeze in this lovely quip:

6. When he threw the ultimate shade at Cece's nonexistent sex life:

CBS / Via

7. When he was simply doing what Mr. Sheffield had requested:

8. When he just couldn't contain himself with this insult:

9. And how could anyone forget when he dropped this trivial fact:

CBS / Via

10. Then there was that time Cece made it way too easy for him:

11. When he had to drop some unfortunate truths:

CBS / Via

12. When he hit the nail on the head discussing Cece's youth:

13. When Brighton was given a lesson in how truly tough life can be:


CBS / Via

15. What about that time he was extremely upfront with Mr. Sheffield?

16. And finally, when he truly went full savage mode.

CBS / Via

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