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12 Type Of Interns You'll Meet Through Internships

"Unpaid, great experience!"

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Most of us have done at least one internship in our lives.

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"I love working for free," said no one ever.

We do it because we need experience and in order to get an entry level job we need that experience.

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Time to start getting job experience on my resume.

Some internships are honestly great and have you busy and learning valuable hands-on experience.

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But there's no hiding that some internships suck!

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"Do it for the experience, do it for the experience..."

But sometimes there are perks in these horrible internships because you can bond with other interns that are just as miserable as you are.

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Intern squad goals.

So here's a list of Interns you'll most likely meet at an internship.

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1. The Brown Noser

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That intern that's a complete and totally suck up to the managers and does everything in their power to outshine the rest of the interns to make them look bad.

2. The Gossip Intern

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They always have the juiciest gossip in the office.

3. The Hot Intern

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There's always, at least, one hot guy or hot girl intern in the workplace. Always.

4. The Weird Intern

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This intern is the type that just rubs you the wrong way. They either say some pretty cringe-worthy things, or they're just really strange around the office workplace.

5. The Goody Two Shoes

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This is that intern that doesn't ever like to let loose and have any fun. They don't understand the meaning of fun and may even throw you under the bus when trouble strikes.

6. The Can't Do Anything Right Intern

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The intern that messes up every task given to them.

7. The No-Show

They never show up.
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They never show up.

8. The Interrogator

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This is that intern you know you can trust because they're always trying to suss you out. Always with the questions.

9. The Just Trying To Get By Intern

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They really are only there to get the school credit and put in as little effort as they possibly can by most of the time just showing up.

10. The Silent Intern

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The one intern you constantly keep asking yourself "What's there name again?" because they're so quiet, you constantly forget they're even there.

11. The Veteran Intern

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This isn't this intern's first rodeo, they've done a few internships before to get experience on their resume and have gone through the positives and negatives of other internships. They usually have some really interesting stories, so keep them on your good side.

12. The Greatest People You'll Ever Meet

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And last but not least, you'll find at least one or maybe even two amazing interns that will become apart of your squad. Once you find them, stick with them.

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