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    14 Cartoons From The '90s That Time Forgot

    Just in case you were too preoccupied watching "Rugrats" or "Doug," here are some '90s cartoons that fell under the radar.

    1. "Cro"

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    Based on this series, if it was that easy to defrost a frozen woolly mammoth, then what were all those scientists on that "Raising the Mammoth" documentary doing wrong?

    2. "Hammerman"

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    Regardless of popular belief, "Hammerman" was not at all a factor in MC Hammer's filing for bankruptcy in spite of all the unsold merchandise from said cartoon series.

    3. "Creepy Crawlers"

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    You really have to give the creative geniuses behind the "Creepy Crawlers" cartoon series credit for crafting a plot based on a plastic oven that gives one absolutely nothing to work with.

    4. "Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa"

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    While this cartoon was guilty of copying the "Teenage Mutant Turtles" formula, the characters' mutation origin is 100% original. An irradiated "cow-met" from the depths of space made landfall in the American West, "cow-metizing" the populace. Even on your best day you'd never come up with something that clever!

    5. "Happy Ness"

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    It's easy to call out "Happy Ness" for being a blatant ripoff of "My Little Pony," but ask yourself, did the latter have a merry Scotsman that flew around in a hot air balloon? No it did not.

    6. "King Arthur and the Knights of Justice"

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    When the real King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table go missing, who do you pluck from history to take their place? A football team with absolutely no experience in the art of warfare -- that's who! Tossing a football, wielding a sword, same difference.

    7. "Conan the Adventurer"

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    Originally it was supposed to be Conan versus the camel men and their leader Expectorater, but it didn't go over well with focus groups.

    8. "Camp Candy"

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    "Camp Candy" broke boundaries for animated series based on corpulent comedians. If not for this series we never would've had "Life with Louie." And that, my friends, is a world I would not want to have lived in.

    9. "Samurai Pizza Cats"

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    Apparently the singer for the show's theme song, Michael Airington, was drunk when the studio recorded it. Can you find the part where he slurs his words?

    10. "The Pirates of Dark Water"

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    "The Pirates of Dark Water" was canceled well before it reached its conclusive ending. Why? Because production costs went over Hanna-Barbera's budget. In essence, the series' awesomeness was too expensive to maintain!

    11. "Ultraforce"

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    The only thing you need to know about "Ultraforce" is that it is based on a comic book series of the same name from long defunct publisher Malibu Comics. Other than that, if you watched "X-Men," then you're pretty much up to speed with the series.

    12. "Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders"

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    You can really see where they were trying to create a cartoon series in the same vein as "She-Ra: Princess of Power." The show actually lasted a solid two seasons, even if the animation was beyond piss poor.

    13. "Toxic Crusaders"

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    How does one go about creating a cartoon series based on an R-rated movie parents forbade their children from seeing? Do what everyone else in the '90s was doing: give it an environmentalist slant!

    14. "The Fantastic Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor"

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    You know, it's hard to watch this without thinking about the opportunity the series' producers missed making it about Sinbad the comedian going on fantastic voyages.

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