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We Tried $4 Cheesecake Vs. $70 Cheesecake To See Which Was Better

"Did it cut the cheese? Or did it take the cake?"

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On this week's episode of "Worth It," Andrew and Steven (along with their camera guy, Adam) ate three cheesecakes at three different price points to see which was the most worth it at its price:

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The first stop was at Eileen's in New York. Here the guys tried a classic cheesecake for just $3.90. The recipe is Eileen's only inheritance from her mother, and it requires just seven ingredients: Cream cheese, sour cream, sugar, lemon, vanilla, eggs, and honey graham crust.

The next cheesecake was the Orange Dream cheesecake at STK for $12. This was a much more complex cheesecake that came with orange zest, a boozy rum reduction sauce, and was brûléed with a blow torch. It was served as a mini cake and was paired with a delicious cocktail.

The final cheesecake was the Gateau Nuage at Lady M's. "Gateau Nuage" translates to "cloud cake," which was an accurate description of the overall eating experience.

So which one was the most worth it?

Even though Andrew's favorite flavor was from Lady M's, his "Worth It" winner went to Eileen's because of the value he could get for such a delicious slice.

And while Steven learned about love through Eileen's cheesecake, his "Worth It" winner was STK because the combination of ingredients was a true party in his mouth.

  1. Which cheesecake is your Worth It Winner?

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Which cheesecake is your Worth It Winner?
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    $3.90 slice from Eileen's
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    $12 orange dream from STK
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    $70 cloud cake from Lady M's
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    All of them!