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We Tried $3 Sushi And $250 Sushi To See If It's Worth The Price

“This is closest to a mouthgasm I have ever achieved."

We all love sushi. But is expensive sushi really that much better than cheap sushi? Steven & Keith went to three restaurants at a low, medium, and high price point to find out (while becoming best friends in the process). Here are the results:

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Their first stop was Sushi Stop: A franchise that serves sushi rolls at the unbelievably low price of $3.

Safe to say, they were extremely impressed.

Next, they visited Hamasaku to try some of the best mid-priced sushi in Los Angeles.

At Hamasaku, they found a place they could take a date while also enjoying unique types of sushi.

Finally, they dined at Sasabune, an upscale sushi restaurant that served Omakase-style sushi, where the chef determined the entire menu. The total bill? $250.

After eating 10+ different types of amazing fish... was the most expensive place worth it?

Well, Keith chose the place that he would go back to the most... Sushi Stop.

And Steven chose the restaurant that gave him a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

But with rolls on rolls on rolls and a new friendship formed, it's safe to say that we all won.