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We Tried $1 Coffee Vs. $914 Coffee To See Which Was Worth It

"This drink is much like a poem, a poem that you can drink."

Moshi Moshi! On this episode of Worth It, we continue our Japanese food adventure. Check it out:

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Different country, but same rules. We tried three different cups of coffee at three different price points to see which one was the most Worth It.

Our first location was R.O. Star where we would try a cup of iced coffee that was ¥100 or $1.00 USD. Wow, what a good deal.

R.O. Star was able to have the price as cheap as it is by roasting their own beans.

The iced coffee was aimed to have a flavor profile that translated the boldness and bitterness in the beans. It was delicious and it gave us hope to overcome our jet lag.

Our second destination was Coffee Elementary School where we would have a coffee at the price of ¥400, which was also $3.66 USD.

The cup of coffee that we were served was a blend with fruity and bitter notes. Also, this cup of pour over was crafted to have a fragrance of blueberry.

It was served in a wine-shaped cup to enhance the smell and, boy, were we enjoying it. We were having the coffee jitters by the end of the cup.

Our third location was The Münch in Osaka to try a cup of 22-year barrel aged coffee that costed ¥100,000, which was also $914.00 USD.

This was originally created out of an accident when a cup of coffee was left out in the fridge for half a year.

This coffee was everything out of the ordinary and we were absolutely blown away. What was this? Was it a wine or a coffee?

Who was our Worth It Winner? For Adam, Andrew, and Rie it was Coffee Elementary for its flavorful pour-over. For Steven, it was R.O. Star with its awesome dollar iced coffee. And there you have, Worth It coffee-edition!