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These Guys Tried $8 Pasta And $100 Pasta To See If It Was Worth It

“Pasta-la vista.”

After eating $306 steak and $135 pizza, Steven & Andrew are back at it again with another episode of Worth It. This time, they're testing 3 pasta dishes at 3 vastly different price points to see which one is the best:

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The first spot on Steven's list was Pasta Sisters, a small deli with limited seating but incredible people. Pasta prices started at $8.25 (they tried the spaghetti arrabiata), which turned out to be a steal for the quality and authenticity of the product.

They also had the fresh made gnocchi porcini, which Andrew plainly stated was the "best gnocchi I've ever had."

From there, Steven took Andrew to a classic Italian restaurant, Osteria Mamma. First pasta up? Bigoli neri alla bottarga, a squid ink noodle dish with shrimp and topped with dried fish eggs.

The prices ranged between $16-$23 but the pasta was well worth every penny.

And finally, Steven took Andrew to the last pasta spot - a restaurant that wasn't even Italian at all.

The dish? A penne pasta cooked in a flaming parmesan wheel filled with cognac and topped with white truffle.

Was it worth $100?

So who had the best pasta? While all the pasta was amazing, Andrew and Steven (as well as the camera guy) agreed that one spot was the most worth it...