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12 Nifty Food Hack GIFs That Will Save You Time In The Kitchen

"I may suck at cooking a decent meal, but I can peel a pretty mean mango."

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1. Shuck like a pro.

Microwave the entire cob before doing this to make things a LOT easier in your life

2. Eating mangos has never been so gratifying

3. Not the most sanitary way to peel eggs, but it's the most amusing way.

4. At first, your relatives will be like, "WTF?"

5. Especially when you bring out the power tools to peel a single apple

6. Or take a whole bag of potatoes...

And give them a jacuzzi

All ready to be fried, mashed, boiled, roasted or however else you like your taters


This food hack is the 2% of human DNA we don't share with chimps.

8. Get rid of that pesky kiwi skin


Which, apparently, you can eat.

Voila! An entire block of kiwi.

9. Remove the yolk from its white by sucking it into an empty water bottle

Egg white omelette anyone?

10. Step 1: Use your finishing move from karate class against a head of garlic

Step 2: Place the garlic corpse between two bowls as shown below

Step 3: Ta-da!

11. Is this why they call them strawberries?

12. Getting rid of the core of iceberg lettuce


Some people go to anger management classes, others prepare salad.

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