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15 Struggles All Feminists In High School Face

Because being young and having an opinion can sometimes be a struggle.

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7. "But I love taking care of my boyfriend!"

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Didn't you just say you wanted to be a doctor? Taking care of your boyfriend is great, and you do you, but don't you want to be paid as much as he would be for the same job? Liking your boyfriend isn't anti-feminist, it's called being nice to your boyfriend.


10. Having to listen to rape jokes constantly.

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Rape isn't funny. It's never funny. There are three types of people who listen to these jokes: people who have never experienced rape, rapists, or people who have been raped. Keep that in mind when you're being an insensitive bigot.


13. Abstinence-only education.

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States with abstinence-only education have higher teen pregnancy rates than protection-based education curriculums. Also, I am a woman, please don't make me feel like my body is wrong and that I am a sexual object at an institutional level, thanks.

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