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14 Tell-Tale Signs You're Obsessed With A College

Get help.

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3. The amount of spirit wear you possess is unparalleled.

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Hats, shirts (both long sleeve and short), sweat pants, keychains, dresses, pants, and athletic wear are all essential to a *future* student's closet; but you can never choose which is your favorite.


5. You've perfected the "why do you want to go there?" speech.

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But you could really talk about it for approximately 74636723829 hours if they really wanted to hear it. (Really, ready to go at any time, please ask me).


11. Let's face it, you've checked the average monthly temperatures and rainfall for the city/area you plan to live in.

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Just like being informed is all. Who cares if the average is 32 in January? Not me.

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