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19 Times Jacob Tremblay Was Too Awesome For Words

This kid has more charm in his little finger than most of us do on our best day.

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There is a new leading man in Hollywood, and he is stealing all the awards and all the ladies' hearts. His name is Jacob Tremblay.

Although his feature film debut was only in September with the release of (the spectacular) Room, Jacob has already garnered major headlines surrounding his tremendous performance and how quickly he has melted the hearts of many around the world. And he is only 9 years old.

Here are some of the moments where he completely owned it on the red carpet and in life. A true inspiration to us all.

1. When he reminded us that he has achieved more than we have before hitting his double digits

2. When he channeled his inner Bruno Mars on the dance floor

Instagram: @jacobtremblay

3. When he was real about having his handsome mug being plastered on even the weirdest merchandise

4. And then did this:

Let's be real. He's right.

5. He can make the red carpet look like a breeze by bringing out the 'finger guns'


But when everyone else does it, they look more like a chaperone dad dancing at the prom.

With his Room costars Brie Larson and Joan Allen.

7. When he won the Best Young Actor Critics Choice Award and blew every acceptance speech out of the water

View this video on YouTube

Gina Rodriguez's heart breaks in the audience and represents all of us.

8. When he hinted at JJ Abrams to cast him in Star Wars Episode VIII

Or maybe young Harrison Ford in the Han Solo movie?

9. Because he is basically a walking Star Wars audition tape

Instagram: @jacobtremblay

10. When he and Brie Larson became the new faces of the term 'friendship goals'

11. Because he is serious about his best friend's acting abilities

12. And he granted Brie with the perfect birthday video

Instagram: @jacobtremblay

Also, Star Wars again. JJ, are you listening, buddy? This kid is giving you gold.

13. When he was unafraid to put his sweet tooth to work

Instagram: @jacobtremblay

14. Then he rocked a Ralph Lauren puppy sweater like nobody's business

Instagram: @jacobtremblay

15. When he apologised for putting on too strong of a performance

Are you serious right now?

16. When he gave Leonardo DiCaprio a run for his money at the SAG Awards

Instagram: @jacobtremblay

And he captioned it: 'This just happened!!! I finally met #leonardodicaprio #sagawards'

18. When Brie confirmed that Jacob and Johnny Depp have a secret handshake

@JacobTremblay / Via

“Jacob told me last night, ‘I’m best friends with Johnny Depp now. We’ve been e-mailing,’” Larson recounted, adding with a laugh, “And he fibs to me all the time, so I was like, ‘No, that’s not true.’ Cut to five minutes later at Saturday’s Governors Awards: “Johnny Depp strolls over to our table and he goes, ‘How’s my bud?’ And does a little handshake [with Jacob].” Giggling with excitement, Larson said, “I mean they have a handshake!”

-- Brie Larson

19. But at the end of the day, he shows that he is just a normal kid

Instagram: @jacobtremblay

Captioned: '#Oscars presenters still have to do their homework!!! #kidproblems #spelling'

Stay your humble self, Jacob!

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