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Ultimate Cosplay: This Man Pretends To Be Other People On The Internet

Someone book this guy as a guest at Comic Con, because he's the next big thing in cosplay!

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Meet Darryl Longleg, the ultimate cosplayer!

His backstory is pretty amazing! He pretends to be other people and gains from them!

Darryl uses his ability to cosplay as other people to do cool things such as pay for his 31 different magazine subscriptions!

He has cosplayed as very handsome men to get dates and has thus, been on some pretty cool dates!

One time he cosplayed as Justin Timberlake to see if he could grab lunch with Britney Spears!

Wow: Darryl has even opened several credit cards under other people's names! Talk about dedication!

He even bought a new speedboat and took his cousins out for some rides all because he used someone else's credit card info!

One time he cosplayed as a rich man and bought a ton of fireworks!

Darryl has cosplayed as both men and women, without them knowing!

Sometimes Darryl poses as other people's friends in chatrooms and talks to strangers for hours, because he loves cosplay that much!

Darryl's love of cosplay has brought him to several countries, including China, Turkey and Spain!

Darryl hopes that his love of cosplay will allow him to live for free for the rest of his life!

So far, so good! Keep doing your thing Darryl! We're proud of you!

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