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SMH: Cam Newton Recalls The Weirdest Objects He Threw This Season

Cam Newton is a special NFL quarterback. While he's headed to his first ever Super Bowl appearance this Sunday, he looked back on the weirdest things he remembers throwing over the 2015-16 season.

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A Flaming Electric Guitar

Stephen Tompkins / Via Ebony/OfficialPSDS

A Leaf Blower

Stephen Tompkins / Via NFLSpinZone/PopularMechanics

A $50 Olive Garden Gift Card

Stephen Tompkins / Via BleacherReport/TheKrazyCouponLady

Some Kid

Stephen Tompkins / Via NFLSpinZone/123RF

A Human Foot

Stephen Tompkins / Via Zimbio/FootEducation

Abraham Lincoln's Head

Via NFLSpinZone/Wikipedia

A Randy Johnson Rookie Card

Stephen Tompkins / Via Fansided/Amazon

A Pitcher Of Milk

Stephen Tompkins / Via USAToday/WiseGeek

An Arby's Roast Beef Sandwich

Stephen Tompkins / Via NFLSpinzone/AJC

A Shark

Stephen Tompkins / Via NFLSpinZone/LiveScience

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