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11 Beautiful Pools That Would Nevertheless Just Remind Michael Phelps Of Work

Don't bother showing Michael Phelps these pictures of pools, it'll probably just remind him of work.

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1. Just the old, 9 to 5 grind for old Michael Phelps ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2. This is a cubicle to Michael Phelps

3. Poor Michael would probably just imagine having to compete against Ryan Lochte, if he saw this.

4. Don't show this photo to Michael Phelps, he'd probably just start stressing about setting records.

5. How serene! Not the case for Michael Phelps, though :(

6. This would be a nice place to kick back! But to Michael Phelps, it would be a place to backstroke.

7. You can probably imagine drinking a margarita by this poolside. But Michael? He'd just think about drinking protein shakes.

8. Michael Phelps would probably just spend the entire time thinking about winning gold medals.

9. You'd see dolphins in the ocean, but Michael would just be thinking about dolphin kicks.

10. Swimming is work to Michael Phelps, he would not enjoy this the way you and I would.

11. He'd probably just think of ways to improve in the individual medley.

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