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    15 Reasons Selina Meyer Should Actually Run For President In 2020

    Selina Meyer is the fearless leader America deserves.

    1. She cuts through the bullshit.

    HBO / Via Pinterest

    2. She knows how to present herself as an intrepid leader.

    HBO / Via, HBO

    3. She displays immense composure when dealing with foreign affairs.

    HBO / Via

    4. She'll fight for women's rights.

    5. She's not afraid to ask for some divine intervention.

    6. She understands that the American public is not perfect and needs a leader.

    7. She's experienced with kicking ass in a male-dominated field.

    HBO / Via

    8. She has proven herself resilient when given the proper pep talk.

    HBO / Via

    9. She is direct.

    HBO / Via

    10. She knows what it takes to get the job done.

    HBO / Via Pinterst

    11. She doesn't take shit from anyone.

    HBO / Via

    12. She reminds people that it's no longer the 1950s.

    HBO / Via

    13. She knows how to maintain a diligent administration.

    14. She radiates confidence.

    HBO / Via

    15. And finally, she's just so goddamn relatable.

    HBO / Via


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