21 Times Katy Perry Proved She's The True Queen Of The Twitter Shoutout

    There's a lot of love on that TL.

    1. Katy Perry really likes shouting out her favorite artists on Twitter, and it's extremely cute to watch.

    There's a few brains I would like to see science dissect after full utilization and @Sia's should be one of them. ILYSM ❤️

    2. See, she's currently the ~MOST FOLLOWED~ user on the site, with 96 million fans RTing her every move. But KP knows how to share the love.

    I no longer subscribe to organized religion but I believe in @chancetherapper 🙏🏼

    3. And she shares the love a lot.

    @kendricklamar THAT WAS SO POWERFUL.

    4. Like, A LOT.

    5. Sometimes she's funny about it.

    I wanna predict that my mate @samsmithworld is gonna be like a male Adele but I don't want it to go to his head...😜👏

    6. And sometimes she just speaks the PLAIN OLD TRUTH.

    If the Gods sang they would sound like @Janellemonae

    7. She knows how to properly bow down to Queen Bey.

    Don't talk to me today unless it's about @Beyonce THANX

    8. ...And Princess Blue.


    9. She was majorly cheering on Lady Gaga before her Super Bowl Halftime Show this year.

    Rooting for you @ladygaga! You got this ❤🙌🏻🎤🏈#LittleMonsters

    10. She never forgets a birthday.

    HAPPIEST 25TH BIRTHDAY to my baby girl @rihanna! I wish I could b there drinking Mai-Tais & telling haters to eat a d🍆ck w/u! 💘U. 🎂🍹🎉💋

    11. Like, ever.


    12. (Granted, she probably had a little help remembering this one.)

    happy birthday cutie!!! 🎂 @JohnMayer

    13. She's always there to wish her friends good luck.

    GOOD LUCK TONIGHT @MileyCyrus ❤️

    14. And lift them up when they're down.

    @Pink you were the most inspiring woman tonight! The one with the MOST heart!

    15. She goes to their shows.

    16. And buys all their albums.

    I bought it! RT @NICKIMINAJ: My debut album Pink Friday is in stores now!!!!!

    17. She even buys their magazines!

    I just bought it! U look gooorge. X RT @selenagomez: My 1st U.S. Elle Cover & they gave me 2! It's on news stands now. http://t.co/KoUzAGgj

    18. She's just a HUGE FAN!!!

    The new Eminem video, so many feels tho 😩 http://t.co/TaP2JZrpxu

    19. And when it comes to helping her friends, she's definitely not afraid of a little promotion.

    The new song Skyscraper by @ddlovato is pure perfection. Her voice is one of the BEST undiscovered beauties. Can't wait for the full record.

    20. She's been doing this since 2009.

    At the Coldplay concert... With shanny my bff. They are SOOOOO good!!! I forgot how much I enjoying being such a fan.

    21. Ah, 2009. Simpler times.

    @taylorswift13 I hear ur dressing room is nxt door to me! Just know if you need to borrow a cup o' sugar I'm your girl. Good luck 2day doll.

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