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Zendaya Just Explained Why She Doesn't Drink Alcohol

"This industry is way too nuts for me to not be in control of myself and my decisions."

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On my 21st birthday, my friend challenged me to take 21 shots* of vodka. I got to about 11 before I threw up, tried to take my shirt off at a bar, and had to be fireman-carried by my boyfriend to the nearest gas station, where he fed me a tuna sandwich.


"Today I turn 21! Holla!!!" she wrote. "But just because I'm now the legal drinking age, doesn't mean I'm going to start throwing 'em back. I don't plan to start drinking."

And she explained her reasoning for the decision:

My life is too stressful to need help with relaxing by having a cocktail. This industry is way too nuts for me to not be in control of myself and my decisions, so I just don't want to introduce drinking! Plus, I don’t want drinking to become a vice. Why try something if you don’t need it?!

Zendaya's Spider-Man co-star, Tom Holland, joked about her announcement in a ~special birthday post~ on Instagram:

He wrote: "Thinking about how to get taller 😂 Happy birthday mate. Miss you and I'll have a drink for you. #21stbirthday"

All kidding aside, good for Zendaya for living her truth. There's no wrong way to celebrate your 21st birthday*!

*Except for taking 21 shots. That is bad. Don't do it.