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    19 Environmental Hacks That Will Make You Say, "That's Actually Genius"

    We only get one earth, y'all.

    1. This coffee shop uses dried pasta as stirrers, which means fewer plastic and wooden stirrers end up in landfills.

    2. These avocados are laser engraved to reduce unnecessary packaging and stickers.

    3. This dentist's office hands out laminated forms that can be wiped clean and re-used once the data is entered into a computer.

    4. This oceanside cafe offers free coffee to anyone who collects a bucket's worth of trash from the beach.

    5. This bin collects chewed gum and recycles it into various plastic products we use every day — and the bins themselves are made from recycled gum!

    6. This restaurant collects paper towels from their bathroom and composts them into soil.

    7. These snowpants are made from recycled bottles of Mountain Dew.

    8. This water fountain tells you how many water bottles have been saved by using it.

    9. This plastic water bottle tells you how to properly dispose of each of its components.

    10. These garbage cans encourage you to put your recyclables on the outside perimeter, so anyone collecting bottle deposits doesn't have to dig through smelly trash.

    11. This environmentally friendly stapler alternative binds the papers together with a hole punch up top — no metal staples needed.

    12. This college takes recycled paper from their printer stations and turns it into free notebooks for the students.

    13. This hotel soap is hollow in the center to reduce the amount of soap that gets thrown out.

    14. This restaurant puts plants beneath their taps to reduce water waste.

    15. This pair of jeans comes with a reminder on the tag to donate them when you don't want them anymore.

    16. These pencils are made from recycled newspapers.

    17. This coffee shop gives away their old coffee grounds and tea leaves for free for customers to use as compost or fertilizer.

    18. This beach gives visitors an important reminder about how long it takes the trash they leave behind to decompose.

    19. And finally, these bins make the garbage hole intentionally small, to remind you that most of your so-called "trash" could proooobably be recycled or composted!