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    This Little Girl's Reaction To Mufasa Dying In "The Lion King" Will Traumatize You All Over Again

    "Everyone has to go through it, sweetheart."

    If you're a child of the '90s, it's safe to say you were scarred — no pun intended — by that scene in The Lion King in which Scar throws Mufasa off a cliff.


    Well, a new generation of children are now suffering through that scene — and one little girl's reaction has the internet rolling.


    It all started when a father named Ray filmed his 2-year-old daughter, Bella, absolutely LOSING IT as she watched the scene for the very first time — arms flailing, running in place, full-blown screaming... She even got so invested that she dropped her teddy bear.

    Ray's video ended up on Twitter, where user @AsvpYammison shared it with the comment: "Everyone has to go through it sweetheart."

    Everyone has to go through it sweetheart

    That tweet went insanely viral, with almost 300,000 favs — presumably all from '90s kid who have been through the exact same trauma.

    @AsvpYammison @erinnj_ It’s a right of passage sweet girl!

    Some reflected on how watching that scene was a crucial part of their upbringing.

    @AsvpYammison This shit built character frfr

    Others lost it at the moment where she let go of her teddy bear.

    @AsvpYammison @Pettea101 When she dropped Mr.Teddy i knew it had gotten real 😂

    Many parents took the opportunity to share videos of their own kids suffering through the horror.

    "I was trying not to laugh," Ray told BuzzFeed of the whole ordeal. "But it brought me back to when I was a kid seeing that scene for the first time."


    And when asked what he thought of his daughter's viral fame, Ray's answer was pretty adorable:

    I don't have Twitter, but a lot of my friends were showing me. [My] first reaction was shock. But my daughter is so full of life, so I'm glad people can see what I'm blessed with.

    Hang in there, Bella! It's all gonna be okay.


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