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This Woman Sat Next To Timothée Chalamet On A Flight And Her Twitter Thread About It Deserves An Oscar


World, please meet Alankrutha Giridhar. She's a 25-year-old IT professional from India and a Timothée Chalamet superfan, who ended up sitting next to him on a three-hour flight.

Alankrutha Giridhar

After the flight was over, Alankrutha documented the entire experience in a thread on Twitter. And y'all, it is a JOURNEY to read.

Y’all nbd just sat next to @RealChalamet on a 3 hour flight and we CHATTED FOR AN HOUR NBD I AM SUPER CALM RIGHT NOW AS EVERYONE CAN TELL

She noticed Timothée pretty much immediately after she boarded the flight.

SO I enter the flight and see a tall, lanky dude in front of me wearing a hoodie and both of us are the only ones w/o overhead space to keep our bags and I look up to see an actual angel and alarm bells in my head go off immediately

And when she finally confronted him, he played it coy at first...

flight takes off and head is exploding bc I *had* to know who this dude so 30 mins into the flight, I work up the courage and nudge him and ask “hey you look exactly like timothee Chalamet” to which he smiles and says “I GET THAT A LOT”

But Alankrutha was on a MISSION to get the truth.

So I figured he didn’t want to be disturbed and things I did in the process- ate a sandwich, peed twice, kept stealing glances at him and 1.5 hours in, he asked me when the flight was going to land and I couldn’t hold it in and said “I KNOW U R TIMOTHEE”

So Timothée finally admitted that he was, well, Timothée.

HE LAUGHED AND SAID “AYYY YES IT IS, HI I AM TIMOTHEE” and shook my hands and at this point I was basically shook/ stunned and I couldn’t process anything

Alankrutha had a LOT of questions for him.

List of actual questions my dumb bitch mind asked him that he answered super patiently: 1. Why are you sitting in economy class (he laughed and said how dare you) 2. Have you met Beyoncé (he has not) 3. How is Steve carrell (he said he’s amazing and offered to FaceTime him!!)

And just a lot of things she wanted him to know.

List of words that escaped my mouth: 1: I googled your height 2. Pls see my friend’s (@amyoosed)twitter dp, it is ur face 3. I have stalked ur Wiki page (got a hi 5 for this) 4. Are u going to the oscars 5. Your introductory scene in lady bird kills me tho ur a D bag in it

And as it turns out, Timothée is a great conversationalist!

What shocks me the most is this dude wanted to know about me. He asked me what I do, what project management is about (literally who cares timothee), where I grew up and PRONOUNCED MY NAME RIGHT

He asked her lots of questions about herself, they bonded over their shared love of The Office, and at one point Timothée even name-dropped his friend, Armie Hammer.

And all his questions were super sincere and genuine and he KEPT high fiving/ friendly nudging and while my heart was exploding, I also spoke to him like I would to a friend only bc he made me feel so comfortable!

And then, after a wonderful hour of conversation...the flight landed.

The flight landed, we spoke for a bit about his upcoming films, he wished me luck for my career (Idc about my career at this point) and also told me I was the *only* one in his entire journey who recognised him and asks if I want a pic and I oblige graciously w/o any frills

And their time together was over.

MORAL OF THE STORY- if you work hard enough and never leave your house, you might stumble upon @RealChalamet on a flight and proceed to ask him who the most famous celeb on his phone is. *THE END*

But that doesn't mean Alankrutha is done sharing ~juicy deets~.

Major things I forgot to mention: 1. When the stewardess offered him flight pretzels & orange juice, he scarfed them down in < 20 secs like he hadn’t eaten in 48 hours 2. He asked if I was expecting him to be taller or shorter- I said shorter (shut up @ me) 3. He loves easy A

She also shared some screenshots of what she was texting her friends while all of this was going down...

Right when I was trying to figure out if he was indeed Timothee I panicked and texted my friends + VERY SLYLY listened to the OST of Call Me by Your name hoping he would notice (I don’t think he did but I had to try) lmaoooo

And posted that fateful selfie they took together.

Idk how one can be this terrible at taking selfies but look out world here I come. Anyway idc just look at his face, this experience has been beautiful and he’s a very nice person (and we might be friends but idkkkkk)

"I was FREAKING out," Alankrutha told BuzzFeed of the entire ordeal. "[Because] I knew it was him, but didn’t want to annoy him."

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

"He’s a great, great person and he’s 10,000 times cooler for actually talking to a stupid fan like me, and for liking The Office. We stan."

Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images

Congrats on your life, Alankrutha!!!