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    Rich Kids On TikTok Are Sharing Videos Of The Same Fancy Fridge They All Apparently Own And I Feel So Poor

    "One day, I want to be rich enough so that my big fridge has a little fridge."

    Hi. Hey. Hello. Did you know that rich people all have the exact same refrigerator, and that it can do TRICKS? Well, thanks to TikTok, now you do.

    A viral TikTok trend has rich people across the world showing off this fancy AF fridge they apparently all own, and it will make you feel poorer than ever. The Rich Person Fridge™ has a little glass window on the front — which, when you knock on it, lights up the interior so you can see what's inside...

    AND, it has a second, smaller refrigerator inside the door, activated by a special button.

    If you open the door like normal, you open the big fridge...

    ...But if you push that lil' button on the handle, you open the smaller fridge instead. MAGIC.

    The fridge first went viral on TikTok thanks to Jonah Lione, who stumbled upon it while shopping at Costco. And now, the wealthiest among us are using Jonah's audio to show off their own fancy fridges at home:


    Damn what you doin out here with all this space 🤑

    ♬ original sound - jonah_lione

    Apparently every member of the 1% is living like this. WHO KNEW?

    It seems like you're supposed to put beverages in the smaller fridge-inside-the-fridge — that way you don't let the cold air out of the main fridge whenever you want a soda or beer:

    But that's honestly just a guess. If you're rich and reading this, please feel free to correct me in the comments. I certainly would not know!


    do you see how mich boxes of milk tea I have😂I’m addicted##foryoupag ##fridge ##vibecheck ##fyp

    ♬ original sound - lareinaarlyn

    This really is how the other half lives. Damn:

    Here's me watching all these rich kids showing off their kitchens on TikTok, knowing that the coolest thing my fridge has is a crisper drawer:

    Anyway, do YOU have the the Rich Person Fridge™? If so, sound off in the comments please and tell me all about your life. I want to know everything. Thank you. Goodbye.


    An earlier version of this post misidentified the TikTok user who started this trend. It was Jonah Lione, who you can find on TikTok here.