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    Posted on Jul 25, 2017

    26 Things You'll Only Understand If You Want To Be Vegetarian But Definitely Fucking Aren't

    It's a love/hate relationship with meat.

    1. You see an adorable little piglet, and can't believe you ever ate one of those innocent, intelligent creatures.

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    2. But an hour later you're at a restaurant, like:

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    3. You try to go veg, because you think it will force you to eat healthier.

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    4. But then you just get lazy and eat a bunch of carbs instead.

    5. You once went meatless for like two weeks, max.

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    6. And promptly told everyone you were now ~officially~ vegetarian.


    7. You genuinely enjoy a good veggie meal.

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    8. But when you're really fucking starving, broccoli just ain't gonna cut it.


    9. You've seen Food, Inc., or some other documentary about the meat industry, and vowed never to eat meat again.

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    10. But a few days later, you were like:


    11. Sometimes you'll go days without eating any meat at all.

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    12. But then the weekend comes, you're drunk at McDonald's at 2 a.m., and all bets are off.

    13. You've ordered the veggie burrito bowl at Chipotle, and felt soooo proud of yourself for it.

    14. But you really did it because it's the only way to get free guac.

    15. You see so many delicious vegetarian recipes online that you want to try.

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    16. But when you actually try to cut down on meat, the only thing you can think to eat is salad.


    17. You think it's completely immoral to kill a living creature for food, and you absolutely refuse to take part in it. EVER.

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    18. ... Unless you're, like, really craving it.

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    19. You often order vegetarian meals at restaurants because they're cheaper.

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    20. But when the vegetarian option costs the same as the chicken one, you're like:


    21. When you prepare a meal at home, you prefer to cook vegetarian.

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    22. But it's mostly just so you don't have to touch raw meat.

    23. Like it or not, you really do try to eat vegetarian as much as possible.


    24. But when your friends call you out for sneaking a little bacon, you're like:


    25. And while you have a ton of respect for those who can actually maintain a 100% vegetarian diet...

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    26. ... Not all of us were born to be heroes.