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    21 Things You Experienced As A Child But Haven't Thought About Once Since Then

    How could you FORGET?

    1. Going back-to-school shopping and getting one of these pencil boxes in your favorite color:

    2. Logging onto your family computer and seeing this screen:

    3. Losing a tooth and putting it in one of these little plastic treasure chests:

    4. Playing around with these sand-filled, glittery lizard toys:

    5. Absolutely disintegrating the roof of your mouth on these bad boys:

    6. Pretending to give yourself shots with a mechanical pencil and thinking you were SO badass:

    7. These gel candles that were very satisfying to poke, but also a magnet for dust:

    8. Covering the solar panel on your calculator to make it go to sleep:

    9. Going to the grocery store with your mom and getting berries in these plastic buckets:

    10. Hitting up the mall and just HAVING to make a stop into this store:

    11. Playing your Game Boy on a long drive at night and having to use one of these lights:

    12. Waking up in the morning and having a VERY brightly-colored Trix yogurt for breakfast:

    13. Having your mom or dad hand you a drink in one of these sippy containers:

    14. Using these weird block things to learn math in elementary school:

    15. Having your ear drums absolutely blown out by this little VHS intro:

    16. Going to a friend's house for the first time and having to print out the MapQuest directions for your parents:

    17. Getting a Tootsie Pop and furiously searching for the elusive star on the wrapper:

    18. Collecting your CDs in booklets like this one:

    19. Or storing them in your car's sun visor:

    20. Getting your hands on one of these and SCREAMING into it until your voice was hoarse:

    21. And finally, becoming COMPLETELY hypnotized by this screensaver:

    H/t to r/nostalgia.