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Drake Says He's "Happy To Be Back Together" With Josh After Ending Their Feud

They found a way, they found a way.

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But time heals all wounds — as do the VMAs! And so, just 70 days after vowing to never speak to Josh again, Drake posted this tender embrace on Instagram.

They later addressed the whole controversy in some YouTube videos, too.


Drake spoke to Us Weekly yesterday about all the drama, and this is what he had to say:

It’s interesting, we’re actually closer than we’ve been in a while… It’s totally great. It’s all love. We’re brothers, man. We’ve been working together for 18 years, maybe even longer now. So we’ve had our ups, we’ve had our downs, it’s like we’re real brothers.


So when they finally did bump into each other, Drake says he just addressed the awkwardness head-on.

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"...He just kind of walked up behind me and I was like, ‘Oh. We have to deal with this right now.' And so we were able to talk and hash it out and it’s all good."

“I don’t think it’s silly that I got upset for not getting invited to the wedding," Drake clarified. "I think that was completely justified."

Another positive outcome from that VMA reunion? Apparently Drake's girlfriend is now BFFs with Josh's wife:

I was like, "Be careful because you know we’re going to have to see each other all the time now that they are best friends." But it’s a great thing and I’m really happy to be back together.

We're happy, too, Drake. We're happy, too.