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Taylor Swift Is Instagram Stalking Her Fans And The Screenshots Are Hilarious

Look what they made her do.

You may have heard about the tragic passing of the ~Old Taylor Swift~ back in August, when it was revealed that she couldn't come to the phone because she was dead.

Big Machine

But the New Taylor Swift is here to stay — and according to some screenshots that have just surfaced, she's been spending a lot of time Insta-creeping on her fans.

@steffyswiftie / Via Twitter: @steffyswiftie

Now, Taylor RARELY does interviews or public appearances these days, which makes these screenshots all the more intriguing — they're the only glimpse we have into T. Swift's life right now.


So without further ado, here are some screenshots of Taylor low-key stalking her fans on Instagram:

She joined one fan's livestream...

@TSUpdatesNY / Via Twitter: @TSUpdatesNY

...and made the girl completely freak out with a simple emoji.

@TSUpdatesNY / Via Twitter: @TSUpdatesNY

She's watched and commented on a BUNCH of people's livestreams, actually.

@TSwiftNZ / Via Twitter: @TSwiftNZ
@wonxerlandswift / Via Twitter: @wonxerlandswift

She had to work extra hard to get one fan's attention.

@TSwiftNZ / Via Twitter: @TSwiftNZ

She viewed this fan's Insta story...

@TSUpdatesNY / Via Twitter: @TSUpdatesNY

...and actually responded to it.

@TSUpdatesNY / Via Twitter: @TSUpdatesNY

She did the same with another fan. First she viewed the story...

@TSUpdatesNY / Via Twitter: @TSUpdatesNY

And promptly sent an emoji back.

@TSUpdatesNY / Via Twitter: @TSUpdatesNY

Taylor's also voted in some of her fans' polls, like this one about her upcoming album Reputation:

(She voted "yes," naturally.)

@TSUpdatesNY / Via Twitter: @TSUpdatesNY

She also voted "hell yes" when a fan asked followers if they should invite their crush to homecoming.

@TSUpdatesNY / Via Twitter: @TSUpdatesNY

And like any good Instagram creeper, she liked a bunch of pics as well.

@TSUpdatesNY / Via Twitter: @TSUpdatesNY

Say what you want about Taylor, but the girl loves her fans!


Tay-Tay, if you're ever bored, please feel free to slide into my DMs.


A screenshot was removed from this post as we couldn't verify its authenticity.