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    Updated on Jul 13, 2018. Posted on Jul 12, 2018

    There's Now A Game Show Where Students Can Get Their Loans Paid Off And It's Truly Wild

    Sounds about right.

    If you've graduated college in the good ol' USA recently, there's a decent chance you're massively in debt right now.

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    Hooray for crushing debt!!!

    Well, my friends, do I have news for you! There's now a televised game show where you can pay that enormous debt off.

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    Paid Off is a new show on TruTV where millennials just like you compete to pay down their student loans. Every contestant walks away with at least $1,000, and the show's winner gets their ENTIRE debt cleared.


    Is this all a rather grim sign of the times? It sure is! And according to the show's host, Michael Torpey, that's kinda the whole idea.


    “That’s the point of the show,” he told MarketWatch in an interview. “To be so stupid that the people in power look at it and say, ‘That guy is making us look like a bunch of dum dums, we’ve got to go do something about this.’”


    In a clip from the show, it's clear that the entire game has been designed to highlight just how insane the student debt crisis in America actually is.

    This round gives new meaning to the phrase “My kid could paint that.” Watch a sneak peek of tonight's series premiere of #PaidOff with @TorpeyMichael!

    "Correct answers are worth $100, and there's no penalty for wrong ones because I just want to give you guys money," he tells the contestants in one segment.


    Occasionally, Torpey will ask eliminated contestants to call their representatives on air and demand action before they leave the stage.


    So if you or someone you know is struggling with their student loans right now, this just might be the show for you.


    Or, y'know, maybe one day we'll be able to solve this problem without the use of game shows. Dare to dream, America!!!!!

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