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21 Pictures That Show What Social Distancing Looks Like In Different Parts Of The World

Cases of beer, stuffed pandas, a very fancy traffic light system, and lots of clever signs.

1. This burger stand uses a system of slides to keep distance from their customers — slip your money down the ramp on the left, get your food from the ramp on the right.

A burger stand with two small ramps leading to and from the counter

2. This outdoor cafe gives customers hats with pool noodles on them, to make sure nobody gets too close to each other.

Cafe customers with pool noodles sticking out of their hats

3. This restaurant installed a traffic light to make sure customers go to the bathroom one at a time: red light means it's occupied, green light means you're good to go.

A traffic light inside a restaurant

4. This Stew Leonard's grocery store has started putting a graph on their receipts that shows customers when their busiest hours are, to help people find times when the aisles will be less crowded.

A grocery store receipt with a graph showing peak hours

5. Cities across the globe are urging people to keep space from others using local "units of measurement." For example, this town in Australia encourages people to stay one kangaroo away from each other.

A sign in a park

6. While this Canadian town advises people to stay one hockey stick away from others.

A sign in a park

7. Meanwhile, this town in Wisconsin urges people to stay one cow length apart at all times.

A sign in a park

8. In Salem, Massachusetts (the location of the Salem Witch Trials back in the day), visitors are reminded to maintain distance with Halloween-themed signage.

A sign in a park

9. And this castle in Scotland — the perfect location for any fairy tale — opted for one unicorn of distance between visitors.

A sign in a park

10. This dog park encourages pet owners to keep "the length of three happy dogs" away from each other.

A sign in a park

11. And this park offered all sorts of points of reference to really cover their bases. A twin bed, a fridge on its side, a female sea lion...there's something for everyone on this sign.

A sign in a park

12. This device beeps when you accidentally come within six feet of someone else wearing one, so you never forget to keep that social distance.

A beeper device that reads "safe distancing assistant"

13. This gym created individual sealed rooms for customers to work out in.

People working out in plastic cubicles at a gym

14. This cafe put mannequins at every other table, to keep customers from sitting too close to each other.

Mannequins sitting in restaurant booths

15. While this restaurant placed families of stuffed panda bears at tables to make sure their customers were properly spread out.

Panda bear toys sitting in restaurant chairs

16. This park posted a big sign reminding humans to practice social distancing — and a much smaller sign beneath it, to remind any nearby woodland creatures to practice squirrel distancing.

a tiny little sign in a park that reads Squirrel Distancing

17. This pet shop put markers on the floor to remind customers — and their four-legged friends — to steer clear of one another.

floor markers on the ground of a pet store, one set of footprints and one set of paw prints

18. The floor markers at this toy store help keep kids from wandering around, by challenging them to stand on one leg like a flamingo.

a floor marker featuring a flamingo on it, encouraging kids to stand on one leg

19. This church uses automatic hand sanitizer machines to dispense holy water, to prevent people from crowding around the font (and sticking their dirty fingers in it).

a hand sanitizer dispenser labeled Holy Water

20. This park replaced its regular benches with individual seats, to make sure strangers don't get too close.

Individual park seats spread out in a park

21. And finally, this bar keeps patrons apart by using something very appropriate for the times — cases of Corona beer 🙃.

a patron at a bar, there are stacks of boxes of Corona beer on either side of him