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A TikToker Posted An Absolutely Brutal Review Of Kim Kardashian's Shapewear Line, And It's Going Viral

"It makes people feel bad about themselves because a size that normally would fit them is suddenly way too small."

If you've ever wondered what Kim Kardashian's shapewear line is really like, a viral review on TikTok might have the answer for you.

Kim Kardashian posing in a long-sleeved, open-necked shirtdress

Adria Barich, 23, decided to order a couple items from Kim's iconic Skims collection — and it's safe to say she was not pleased with how any of them fit.


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"This video is for Kim Kardashian, and Kim Kardashian only," Adria deadpans in the video, which has been viewed over 9 million times. "Hiii Kimberly. What is this?"

"I thought Skims were supposed to make me look curvalicious," she continues, modeling the pieces. "Not Winnie the Pooh wearing too small underwear."

Adria wearing a pair of shapewear underwear from the Skims collections with a look of shock on her face

In other clips, Adria roasts Kim's clearly too-small sizing, saying that the overly tight waistbands make her "look like the Pillsbury Doughboy" and that she has "two more buttcheeks than I started with."

Adria turns around to show the ill-fitting shapewear and the extra butt cheeks it has created

"Why yes, I am wearing shapewear," Adria mocks in another bit. "Oh, you didn't know? You couldn't tell?"

"Anyway, that's all," she concludes. Her video is sparking lots of conversation online, with 1.2 million likes and thousands of comments.

"It says it's shapewear," one commenter joked. "It gave you a shape, it just wasn't specific."

Adria responded by laughing hysterically

Others hopped into the comments to share their own experiences with Skims:

One user said "I've never seen so accurately describe skims before [three laughing while sweating emojis and one grinning face emoji}
Another user said "I literally wasted $500 on Skims last year & it all fell apart within a month [crying emoji]
One person said "OMFG!!! Mine are the sammmmeee!!!! And they roll down literally when I walk so all my tummy just bursts out!! [two exhausted face emojis, one huffing face emoji, and one side-eye emoji]

Her video has scared off some people from the brand for good:

User bonnieleetoks said they were canceling their order

But there were certainly some Skims defenders in the comments, like this one who said the sizes are simply "a little off":

Nikkoleheart said "Skims is actually really good! But the sizes is a little off, try getting one size up and a different kind of their shapewear [blushing face emoji with little hearts]

Adria told BuzzFeed she was inspired to make the video after trying on the shapewear for the first time in front of her roommates: "We all burst out laughing. I looked ridiculous."

Adria says Hiii, Kimberly

"I was just like, what the heck, this is a $34 piece of shapewear that I ordered because I trusted the Kardashian name," she added. "And even though I ordered a size that should have fit me, I looked horrible."

Kim Kardashian posing at an event in a low-cut gown

She also explained why she felt it was important to speak out about her experience:

I knew that there is no way that I was the the only one, and shapewear isn’t something I see a lot of people talking about, especially twentysomethings who use it even if they don’t admit to it. So I thought it was time that someone spoke out about it.

And while Adria praised Kim for reducing the stigma around shapewear, she described the images on the Skims website as "very unrealistic, even though they are inclusive of different-sized people."

Adria wearing the shapewear with the caption: What is this

"They are very touched up, and that creates an unrealistic expectation for consumers who ultimately want to look like her."

Kim throwing the double peace sign and making a duck face while posing in front of the Skims logo

"The sizing is extremely inconsistent," Adria said. "I ordered a size small/medium, which typically would fit me perfectly, but the shapewear I received could fit a doll. It makes people feel bad about themselves because a size that normally would fit them is suddenly way too small."

Kim hasn't responded to Adria's viral video, which you can check out in full below. And be sure to follow Adria at @adriabarich on TikTok.


since no one said it: 〰️ #fyp #foryou #BoseAllOut #skims #shapewear #bodypositivity @skims @skimsbykimkardashian @kimkardashian.westt

♬ Rasputin (7" Version) - Boney M.

Have you ever tried Skims before? Share your experiences with the brand in the comments.