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    This Post Is For Everyone Who Knows That Scooters Were The Best Damn Part Of Gym Class

    Even though you definitely broke a finger or two in the process.

    Okay, internet people, here's a question for you: What was the best day in your elementary school gym class?

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    Parachute day? WRONG!

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    Dodgeball day? WRONG AGAIN!

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    My friends, the best day in gym class was the day the teacher broke out these bad boys:

    Those weird little square scooters that you never saw anywhere in the world outside of gym class. THEY WERE THE BEST.


    How these mysterious scooters came to exist in every single elementary school is beyond me, but I am so, so glad they did.

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    Sure, you risked breaking a finger every time you rode one — who could forget the EXCRUCIATING PAIN of getting a pinky trapped under one of those big plastic wheels? But even on days you got sent to the nurse for an ice pack, it was worth it.

    Orygonian / Getty Images

    Remember the excitement you felt as you walked into the gym and saw that colorful stack of scooters waiting for you?

    Remember the rush you felt as you fought off your classmates to get your favorite color? The blue one was the best, IMHO.


    Remember flailing your legs wildly across the gym floor to get around, because those things were surprisingly difficult to maneuver and at least one wheel was ALWAYS busted?

    Sometimes your teacher would make up some sort of ~game~ involving the scooters. And other times, she'd be like, "Eh, fuck it," and you could just ride around doing whatever you wanted for 45 minutes.

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    And then, the whistle would blow, and you'd all line up to dutifully re-stack the scooters. You were sweaty, you were tired, and somebody's finger was 100% broken — but you had FUN.

    THAT, my friends, was the best day in gym class. The end.


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