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Rob Kardashian Might Have Dropped A Major Hint About Kim's Baby Name And Nobody Noticed

It was right in front of us this whole time.

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Yesterday, after much anticipation, Kim Kardashian finally revealed the name of her third child with Kanye West: Chicago!

The world was shook by the introduction to Chicago West — Chi West for short.

Now, in the days leading up to the announcement, fans were wildly speculating about what Baby #3 would be named. They even started picking apart one of Kim's recent Instagrams for clues:

Here's what Rob tweeted a day after Kim announced the baby's arrival — but before the name was revealed:


Now, at the time that Rob tweeted those bears, a few people did wonder if it might be a clue.

@robkardashian Me trying to figure out if this is a clue about Kim's baby

But nobody seemed to get it right.

@robkardashian Hmmm 2 🐻🐻 maybe means 2 babies


But seeing as Rob is a BIG sports fan, it seems pretty likely that he'd make this connection. Do you EVER see him without a Yankees or Dodgers hat on?

Either way, the Chicago Bears definitely seem to be embracing their new name twin.

Chicago Bears est. 1920 Chicago West est. 2018