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    The Trailer For The New Season Of "Queer Eye" Is Here

    "You have literally saved people's lives, mine included."

    ATTENTION QUEER EYE FANS: THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Season 4 is coming to Netflix on July 19!!!

    And in anticipation of its release, Netflix just released a trailer that is, predictably, VERY EMOTIONAL.

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    So what's in store for this new season? GLAD YOU ASKED.

    Jonathan Van Ness will visit his old high school, and help give his former band teacher a makeover.

    According to JVN, this teacher "literally saved people's lives, mine included."

    The Fab Five will make over a man who says he's "never had a conversation with a gay person before."

    And they'll visit a woman who's been rocking the same hairstyle since the '90s — so much hairspray!!!!

    Karamo will work his usual sorcery and make everyone he crosses paths with cry.

    Antoni will tearfully call someone a "warrior," and teach a man how to flip pancakes.

    Tan will continue to help people dress to be their best damn selves.

    And Bobby will remind us all that "it's never too late to start over."

    Basically, Jonathan sums it up best:

    You can check out the full trailer here:

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