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    19 People Who Must Never Be Allowed To Cook Breakfast Again

    The most fucked up meal of the day.

    1. This person, who poached an egg inside a latex glove:

    2. This person, who tried to be cute with their breakfast and failed miserably:

    3. This person, who substituted Pop-Tarts for bread on an egg sandwich:

    4. This person, whose fried egg monstrosity needs to be killed with fire:

    5. This person, who added grape jelly to their savory breakfast sandwich:

    6. Whoever the fuck thought THIS was an acceptable breakfast combo:

    7. Did you know that some people put orange juice in their cereal instead of milk?

    8. Like, this is an actual thing people do:

    9. Do they feel no pain????

    10. This person decided to dye their scrambled eggs blue.

    11. And this person dyed their omelet purple.

    12. Whoever attempted to make this Spongebob breakfast, please just stop.

    13. This person puts ICE in their cereal.

    14. This person stuffed their omelet with Goldfish.

    15. And this person stuffed an omelet with Easy Mac.

    16. And this person put MOTHERFUCKING PICKLES inside their omelet.

    17. But none of those folks hold a candle to this monster, who stuffed an omelet with pizza rolls.

    18. Somehow, there are TWO people on this planet who have done this:

    19. But NONE OF THOSE FOLKS are as bad as this guy, who put water in his Cinnamon Toast Crunch. WHY?