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    Matthew Perry Basically Just Told "Bachelor" Fans To Get Off His Lawn And It's Hilarious

    "What has happened to show business?"

    As any Friends fan surely knows, Matthew Perry recently joined Instagram.

    Following him is a nice way to get an up-close-and-personal look at his life. For example, you'll witness his love of ukuleles...

    His #TBTs with President Obama...

    His appreciation for a good Friends meme...

    And, apparently, his hatred of The Bachelor. 😳

    This week, E! News posted a Bachelor story on their Instagram page about an epic showdown between Madison and Barb.

    And Matthew Perry jumped into the comments to air his grievances about their post, and the state of ~showbiz~ at large: good???

    It's not clear whether Perry realized that his comment on E!'s page would be viewable to the general public — he is brand-new to Instagram, after all! But his fellow commenters seem to think it's pretty funny:

    Many blamed Friends ending for the demise of show business.

    And this user had an A+ Friends joke to make.

    Let this be a lesson to all of us: Do not mention The Bachelor around Matthew Perry!

    H/T to Comments by Celebs.