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Mandy Moore Shared A Screenshot From An Interviewer Who Canceled On Her After She Declined To Talk About Her Past Abuse

"The refusal to interview someone unless they agree to relive that trauma publicly? No thank you."

Mandy Moore is speaking out on social media after a publication tried to force her to speak about a past abusive relationship in an interview.

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In a screenshot posted to her Instagram story, the This Is Us star shared an email from an unidentified journalist. The writer decided to cancel an upcoming interview with Mandy after she declined to talk about an unnamed abuser from her past.

@mandymooremm / Via Instagram: @mandymooremm

Note: Two years ago, Mandy shared the story of her first marriage and why she left it. Out of respect for Mandy, this article won't name the person in question or the details she described, but you can read the story in her own words here.

The journalist wrote that Mandy's interview would have to be put "on pause" if she wasn't willing to talk about her past abuse, saying "it would be wrong" to run a story about her career without including those details:

If Mandy doesn't want to talk about this though we have to respect that and it would be wrong for us to proceed with the interview.

In a public statement, Mandy responded to that journalist's words, and called out interviewers who ask their subjects to "relive trauma" for a headline.

@mandymooremm / Via Instagram: @mandymooremm

"This is from a publication who reached out eager to do a comprehensive piece on my life and career," Mandy wrote. "When they were told that I had spoken plenty about a certain subject in my life and would have no further comment (truly there are countless interviews they could pull from, that story is over and there's nothing more to say) this was the response we got back."

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Mandy called the interview cancellation "so out of touch with the cultural discussion around abusive relationships," and she cautioned the media against "directly linking someone's value back to their abuser":

I have been in this business for over two decades with plenty to chat about and sure, this publication can do as they please, but the message this sends is insulting and so out of touch with the cultural discussion around abusive relationships, directly linking someone's value back to their abuser.

"The refusal to interview someone unless they agree to relive that trauma publicly? No thank you. I am about to give birth any second and I'm not afraid to draw healthy boundaries. Bye."

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In a subsequent post, Mandy made it clear that she had no time for this bullshit:

Mandy's post says 'Zero [five lightening bolts] Given' #MOOD'
@mandymooremm / Via Instagram: @mandymooremm

Thank you, Mandy, for speaking out — and as a proud MM stan, I hope we get that career retrospective from a more worthy publication soon.

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