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25 Life Hacks You'll Wish You Knew About Sooner

Nothing will ever be the same.

1. Sticking an avocado in a beer koozie can help it ripen fast.

cesarkuriyama / Via

2. If you're in a hotel room without a bottle opener, your door can do the trick.

AlbertDumblestein / Via

3. And if you're in a hotel room where the curtains don't close all the way, check the closet for a coat hanger with clips.

Boedarc / Via

4. When you're moving, a few garbage bags tied around hangers will save you some serious time. Pack your entire closet in like two minutes!!!

randommusefulbits / Via

5. Need a simple way to keep your computer from falling asleep? Stick a watch face underneath the mouse — endless movement!

Ham_Damnit / Via

6. Want that movie theater butter mixed all the way through your popcorn? Insert it through a straw.

Dumbodonkus / Via

7. No personal TV on your flight? Stick your phone in a baggie and hang it from the tray in front of you.

kimantor1 / Via

8. ...Or karate-chop a soda can and DIY a little stand for yourself.

Saynomorefamily / Via

9. If your laptop hinge is broken but everything else works, an old picture frame can offer a cheap fix.

griffononthego / Via

10. You can stop those pesky chargers from falling off your desk with... LEGO HANDS!

11. A few Command hooks on the inside of your kitchen cabinet doors make for the perfect place to stash pot lids.

Lars_El / Via

12. And a couple Command hooks on a trash bin will help lock a plastic grocery bag in place. You'll save on garbage bags!

bobret / Via

13. Here's a handy way to dunk your Oreos in milk while still being classy AF.

Eredhel / Via

14. Ski goggles while chopping onions = no more tears.

escape_photo / Via

15. Snap off a leg from one of those little white plastic things in pizza boxes, and you've got yourself an instant phone stand.

GowBeyow / Via

16. A few pool noodles can save your fingers and toes some serious trauma on the trampoline.

Asho777 / Via

17. Never leave your charger in a hotel room again by attaching your car keys to it.

crujones43 / Via

18. Stick a dish rack on top of your loose tupperware before running the dishwasher to keep them from flying around in the wash.

thecatunderthebed / Via

19. Turn a hoodie backwards and you've got the perfect receptacle for snacks.

@valking1998 / Via

20. Staying somewhere without a nightstand? A simple fold in your sheets will come in handy.

mahlanks / Via

21. If your plastic baggies are too small, you can turn one inside out and then seal two together.

Vega_128 / Via

22. Instead of stashing all your grocery bags loose in a cabinet, try repurposing an old tissue box. Much neater, and more convenient!

TiltedArc / Via

23. Shower rings on a coat hanger are a major space saver for storing tank tops.

randommusefulbits / Via

24. Instead of storing all those pill boxes in your medicine cabinet, simply cut out the directions and place them in baggies along with the meds. So much space saved!

nickness123 / Via

25. And finally, a binder clip can help you store your toothpaste a little more neatly on the counter — AND make sure you get every last drop.

siketeach / Via

H/t to r/LifeHacks.