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    21 Libraries That Will Make You Say "Damn, That Is CLEVER"

    Librarians: They're smarter than all of us.

    1. This library lets patrons text a noise hotline to report any disturbances.

    Flattermedal / Via

    2. This library's stools are made from discarded and damaged books.

    hcherie92 / Via

    3. This library has a noise meter that lets visitors know when they're being too loud.

    Blackborealis / Via

    4. This library tells visitors how much money they've saved by borrowing books when they check out.

    vpatel11 / Via

    5. This library has a special directory for sensitive topics, in case a visitor isn't comfortable asking a librarian for help.

    whenitrainsitStorms / Via

    6. This library eliminated all fines so visitors facing financial hardship aren't discouraged from checking out books.

    nightlillium / Via

    7. This library has a "cone of silence" booth for visitors to take phone calls in.

    MrCrash2U / Via

    8. This library lets visitors check out cake pans and other baking supplies in addition to books.

    Takire / Via

    9. This library has a beehive (sealed, of course!) in their children's section so kids can learn about the importance of bees.

    sauer_kussen / Via

    10. This library used to be a church, and they kept all of the spectacular architecture in the new design.

    giant-pp-man / Via

    11. This library created a special section just for books that have been banned throughout history.

    madethisforposts / Via

    12. This library has a section of "anti staff picks," full of books that the librarians hate.

    lexxmasta / Via

    13. This library's mystery section has a ~secret~ bookshelf for visitors to find.

    jlion6 / Via

    14. This library has a community jigsaw puzzle that anyone can help complete.

    Dexaryle / Via

    15. This library has an area where visitors can borrow and listen to records.

    Kodytread / Via

    16. This library offers ~mystery bags~ full of books that visitors can check out based solely on the genre.

    wild006 / Via

    17. This library lets kids and teens "pay" their overdue fines by reading more books.

    yahiamedia / Via

    18. This library's wall is actually full of seats you can pull out as needed.

    Naco88 / Via

    19. This library has a "Readbox," where visitors can check out a book AND its movie adaptation at the same time.

    k12g3 / Via

    20. This library installed a vending machine at a local train station, where commuters can check out books for free.

    left19 / Via

    21. And finally, a simple but VERY clever trick: This library turns over the books on the bottom two shelves to make the titles easier to read without crouching. GENIUS.

    cebolla_y_cilantro / Via