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19 Kitchens That Are Truly Living In 3018

It's the little things in life.

1. This kitchen cupboard has a drying rack as the bottom shelf, so you don't have to bother drying your glasses before putting them away.

2. This spatula has a little built-in stand so that it doesn't touch the countertops.

3. This magical appliance is an oven on the top and a dishwasher on the bottom, and my tiny kitchen needs it ASAP.

4. This house has a little door that connects the pantry to the garage, so you never have to lug your groceries far.

5. This dishwasher projects a little red laser onto the floor to let you know when it's running.

6. And THIS dishwasher takes that concept one step further — projecting the amount of time left in the wash.

7. This refrigerator has a built-in pitcher of water that automatically refills.

8. While this refrigerator tells you precisely how many ounces of water it has poured.

9. This toaster has a "lift and look" option so you can get a quick peek at the brownness of the bread.

10. And THIS toaster has a special "a bit more" button — for when your toast is ALMOST dark enough, but not quite.

11. Speaking of fun and weird appliance features, this oven has a dedicated "chicken nuggets" button, which is the only button I would ever need TBH.

12. This microwave pulls out like a DRAWER. Rich people witchcraft!

13. While this microwave has optional SHELVES, so you can heat up multiple plates at once.

14. These kitchen drawers brilliantly make use of an awkward corner space.

15. This kitchen has a special coffee maker built right into the walls.

16. While this kitchen has a pull-out TOASTER built into the walls.

17. This paper towel holder has USB ports at the bottom, cuz sometimes you just gotta cook AND charge all your devices.

18. These mugs are specially designed so they don't accumulate that annoying puddle of water on the top when they're placed in a dishwasher.

19. And finally, this refrigerator's door opens on BOTH SIDES, and I'm still trying to figure out how the heck those hinges work.