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    People Thought Kendall Jenner Looked Pregnant In Her Instagram Pic And She Clapped Back In A Hilarious Way

    "i just like bagels ok!!!"

    Okay, so yesterday Kendall Jenner posted this on Instagram:

    And because some people have apparently never seen a human body before, they thought that Kendall looked pregnant in the pic.

    Granted, some pregnancy rumors were probably inevitable for Miss Kendall, seeing as lit'rally everyone else in her family seems to be expecting a child right now, but...

    Trying to point out a baby bump where there isn't one? That is rude and dumb and bad. Do better, people!!!

    Still, the pregnancy rumors started swirling, because the internet is the internet.

    And last night, Kendall responded — in the most relatable way possible.

    EXTREMELY SAME, KENDALL. Bagels are great!!!

    (But also, if this counts as a bagel belly...God help us all.)

    Let's hope 2018 is the year we stop body-shaming people. In the meantime, I'm gonna go get myself a bagel. Bye!