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Kendall Jenner Bumped Into A Dude Wearing A "Kill The Kardashians" T-Shirt And Posted It On Instagram

Friendly reminder: Hating the Kardashians is not a personality!

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Folks, let me start this post by stating a fact: Hating the Kardashians is not a personality.


You certainly don't have to like the family, but PLEASE don't let that be the most interesting thing about you. Define yourself by the things you love, not the things you don't!


I'm saying all this because you'll occasionally see T-shirts like THIS out in the wild, and they're really, really horrible:

In fact, Slayer guitarist Gary Holt famously wore a "Kill the Kardashians" tee at a concert after Kendall was spotted wearing a shirt with the band's logo on it.


Now, it's probably safe to assume that most people who buy these trash shirts don't ACTUALLY expect to run into one of the Kardashians while wearing it...


Well, that's exactly what happened to one sorry dude yesterday — because Kendall Jenner just bumped into a guy wearing a "Kill the Kardashians" shirt at the grocery store. Awkward!

So what did she do? She snapped a stealthy video of it and posted it on Instagram, nat'rally!

"Popped out to grab some milk," Jenner captioned the quick video. She was nice enough to keep his head out of the shot.

Well, you know what they say...


Remember kids: Joking about killing people is not cool! It's not edgy! And it certainly does not give you any moral high ground! Let's all just be NICE.


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