People Are Calling Out The Jobs They Associate With Jerks, And I'm Sorry If Your Profession Made The List

    Surgeons, cops, chefs, salespeople, real estate agents, and more.

    A viral Reddit thread has people calling out the jobs they associate with jerks — and it's safe to say it has led to a very...spirited debate across the internet.

    Here are some of the top-voted responses from users:

    1. "Any job where you can steal customers from your colleague. Salesperson can be one."


    2. "A 'life coach' = burned-out douche/wannabe social media influencer."


    3. "Police jobs attract a type, and it's not a good one."


    Uniformed person wearing a "Police" sign on his back

    4. "Third-party recruiters. False charm, constant lies, ghosting people, spamming, terrible attention spans, and an inability to simply read a darn résumé to see what people actually do. 'Hey, are you an engineer or artist? We have a role for you!' Okay, buddy, way to narrow things down…"


    5. "Televangelists. You think they've accepted in their hearts that they're going to hell for grifting in God's name, thereby taking the Lord's name in vain?"


    6. "MLM reps on Facebook. Girl I haven’t talked to since high school: 'Hey, girl!! Long time no talk! Guess how I’ve been losing weight?! You should try this product too!' Like…yeah, okay, thanks."


    Woman holding a smoothie and taking a selfie

    7. "Paparazzi. They literally make their livelihood off of catching celebrities at their shittiest, most vulnerable moments. The recent Britney Spears documentary highlights one of the most extreme examples of this...aka the whole umbrella incident during her highly publicized breakdown in 2007. As if she wasn't having a hard-enough time already, she then had to deal with a bunch of dickheads with cameras trying to snap a thousand-dollar photo."


    8. "Whoever calls the shots at the insurance company... Was just on my way to get a CT scan because my doc says I need one, and was called and told it was denied. Here we go again. Glad I’ve been paying these huge premiums for 20 years."


    9. "Car salespeople. Worked in car sales for two years. Couldn’t get out of it fast enough. I felt like a sleazeball, and I was the most honest salesperson on the lot by a country mile."


    Person dropping a car key into another person's hand

    10. "I took one of those tests that tell what you should do for a living. It said I should be an attorney or an IRS agent, so clearly I am an asshole."


    11. "There’s always a Bernice or Linda in HR who’s in everybody’s business but their own."


    12. "Head chef. I made it to sous before leaving 'traditional' kitchen work. They’re all fucking miserable unless they own the place and are so rich they can just pay someone else to do the work."


    A man wearing a chef's hat in the kitchen looking down

    13. "This comes from personal experience. Restaurant managers. Anyone who has worked in the restaurant industry knows just how much of a prick your manager can be."


    14. "Retail managers. Bunch of power-tripping, passive-aggressive bullies, in my experience."


    15. "It's almost as if having an asshole personality is a job requirement for being an influencer."


    Smiling man lying on a floatie in a pool and taking a selfie

    16. "Real estate agents. I don't know why, but I never feel like I can trust them."


    17. "Every surgeon I've ever met was either one of the kindest, noblest, most intelligent people on the planet or a fucking sociopath."


    18. "TSA agents. I remember when the TSA's hiring practices leaked online years ago, it straight-up said they wanted 'imperious' personality types."


    Gloved person looking at carry-on items in a basket and holding up a bottle of water

    19. "Funeral home directors. You have to be a little bit of an ass to upsell the nice coffin to someone who is grieving too much to make responsible financial choices."


    20. "I work in entertainment. Talent agents and managers top the list, then some talent themselves."


    21. "I would say call center supervisors, but they are snakes in the grass, and it's unfair to jerks to be compared to snakes in the grass."


    Woman standing over a seated man with headphones looking at a computer screen

    22. "Every person working at the DMV. Ever."


    23. "Debt collectors."


    And finally...

    24. "I used to sell oil rig equipment. I never met anyone who ran a rig that wasn’t a complete twat."


    Man looking down from an oil rig

    You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.