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Disney Channel Is Officially Bringing Back "Bug Juice" And I'm Feeling Very Nostalgic

It's the golden age of television, y'all.

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In the late '90s, if you were too scared to go to sleepaway camp on your own, you had the FINE LUXURY of watching other kids do it on reality TV from the comforts of your living room.

Bug Juice followed a crew of preteens as they learned all sorts of ~valuable life lessons~ at summer camp. Every season took place at a different camp, with a new group of kids.

It was reality TV before reality TV was even a thing. It was cinéma vérité, if you will, exclusively focused on watching 12-year-olds do ziplines and shit. It was great!

It also had the most iconic theme song of all time.

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🎵 Bug juice, It doesn't come in a jar! / Bug juice comes from who you are! 🎵

BTW, in case ya didn't know, the phrase "bug juice" does not actually mean, like, liquified bugs. It's a summer camp term for when you mix up a bunch of different powdered drinks together into a fruit punch.

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The theme song says, "It has the flavor of what you can become" — which are some pretty big words for a drink that's basically just five different types of Kool-Aid mixed together, but hey!!!

According to Variety, the reboot will air sometime in early 2018. And while most fans of the original Bug Juice are probs a ~little~ too old to watch a new batch of preteens learn how to waterski, YOU KNOW WE'RE GONNA DO IT ANYWAY.

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