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23 Hotels That Are Truly Living In 3018


1. This hotel provides a free smartphone to use in the city throughout your stay.

2. This hotel lets you rent a pet fish if you're lonely.

3. This hotel offers a hotline you can call just for bedtime stories.

4. This hotel will give you a night for free if you can solve a Rubix cube during check-in.

5. This hotel's phones have a dedicated button just for pizza.

6. This hotel has a robot that delivers toilet paper straight to your door when you need it.

7. This hotel has curtains that overlap in the middle to make sure no light creeps out from the gap.

8. This hotel's shower knob is on the opposite wall from the showerhead, so you never get wet while turning the water on.

9. ...and this hotel's shower door is specifically designed for the same purpose.

10. This hotel embraces the fact that you're gonna swipe the toiletries.

11. ...while this hotel literally ASKS you to steal them.

12. This hotel puts their elevator button in the middle of the hallway, so an elevator can be ready for you by the time you reach the doors.

13. This hotel has a rope you can pull right from your bed to turn off every single light in the room.

14. This hotel's mirror has a built-in TV screen.

15. ...while this hotel's mirror tells you the weather.

16. ...and this hotel's mirror is heated so that it doesn't get all foggy when you shower.

17. This hotel has a bottle opener right in the bath, just in case you're the shower beer type.

18. This hotel's pillows are labeled by their softness so you can find the perfect one for you.

19. ...while this hotel has a whole MENU of pillows, along with tiny little samples of each.

20. This hotel provides fresh remotes for every guest, for all the germophobes out there.

21. This hotel lets guests pick a scent for their room.

22. This hotel has a special towel just for removing makeup.

23. And finally, this hotel has a little sign under the bed assuring you that the room has been thoroughly cleaned.