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"The Office" Might Have Dropped A Major Clue About Jim And Pam In The Pilot And Nobody Even Noticed

It was right in front of us THIS WHOLE TIME.

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Last night, I decided to binge-watch The Office for the billionth time, because duh. And in the show's pilot episode, I noticed something ~very subtle~ that I'd never caught before, and I need to tell someone.

The way the shot is framed, we see Jim and Pam being flirty at the reception desk, and then Roy walks into the office and comes between them. It's our very first glimpse at this love triangle in action. Symbolic AF!!!


So in this very ~symbolic~ introduction to Pam's dating drama, we're not just seeing the Roy/Jim tension — we're also getting a sneak peek at a new love triangle that will emerge...nine years later.

Still not convinced? Here's what showrunner Greg Daniels told Screener about why his team wrote the character of Brian into the show:

...When you think about the fact that Jim and Pam are such soulmates, it’s really hard to imagine there would be any other human being who would be a threat to their relationship. But if you imagine that there was somebody off camera the entire time who predates Jim, and who has been watching and listening to Pam for longer than Jim has, then you start to go, "Oh. That could be interesting."

[Emphasis mine.]

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have 200 more episodes of The Office to watch. Bye!