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    Twitter Is Obsessed With This French Bulldog Waiting Patiently Outside A Kitchen He's Not Allowed In

    I have no idea why this is a story, but I'm so glad it is.

    World, meet Max — the very patient French bulldog who is going crazy viral on Twitter right now.

    Max's story is so simple, and so pure: His owner, Jenn, brought him into her office. She needed to swing by the kitchen to grab a drink, but dogs aren't allowed there.

    And so, Max did what any Very Good Boy would do: He waited.

    And folks, I'm happy to report that Max was very, very respectful.

    Jenn's coworker, Jasmine Scofield, took a few pictures of the adorableness, and uploaded them to Twitter with the simple caption: "he wait." It has since been liked by nearly HALF A MILLION people. Max is a star!

    "[Dogs] aren’t allowed in the cafeteria to be conscious of others with possible doggie allergies," Jasmine told BuzzFeed.

    But according to Jasmine, Max knows the drill: "He’s so well trained and knows where to stop."

    People on Twitter are extremely obsessed with Max's good behavior.

    @jaysc0 he can read AND respects the rules! legendary, honestly. but they should make an exception for him tbh

    They love how unbothered he seems by the kitchen's no-dog rule:

    @jaysc0 Doggo does a wait. Don't worry fren, am happy following the hooman rule.

    He's melting hearts left and right.

    And, as Jasmine herself noted, he deserves a promotion for all his hard work:

    @merikkdraws I want him to be promoted immediately

    Jasmine told BuzzFeed that she's surprised by the virality of her simple tweet: "It's insane! I knew Twitter loves dogs, but not this much!"

    "I’m just glad it was so well received and that they know he’s a great pup."

    Jasmine promised to give Max many pets on BuzzFeed's behalf.